How Agencies Deliver More Value with Call Tracking

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Clients expect their Marketing Agencies to provide a detailed analysis on advertising campaign results. While marketing agencies typically use web analytics and e-mail metrics to track results often phone calls, perhaps the most critical customer engagement, are overlooked in reporting.

Integrated Call Tracking shows which advertising channels work best . You have all the information you need to adjust your spending to improve overall performance and ROI. If you are not using integrated call tracking as part of your performance reporting, you may be missing out on important data.

That means your clients don’t see the full results of your work…

Make sure you, and your clients, are getting the whole story.

What you’ll learn by viewing this webcast:

  • How agencies deliver more value to their clients with integrated call tracking
  • The impact of call tracking for SEO, PPC, Email, Social Media and Advertising Agencies
  • How agencies can out-perform competing agencies and prove it to their clients
  • How to increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • And more…
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