Well this is awkward, because we don’t sell user data. That said, we wanted to show our customers how to be CCPA compliant and having a page like this is required by CCPA.

Do Not Sell my Personal Information

For ActiveDEMAND customers checking out this page, this is just a form that sets a custom field on the contact in the Auto Responder. Since ActiveDEMAND isn’t built as a data selling platform, there isn’t really any action that we can build in by default. So for now, this will just set a field indicating that the user doesn’t want their data sold. If you sell data and use ActiveDEMAND, you’ll need to do something with that field like exclude contacts that have that preference set. If you want to get really fancy, you can create a campaign that clears the flag after 12 months.

Request Personal Data Deletion (Forget Me Requests)

A personal data deletion is similar to a “Forget me Request” in GDPR. ActiveDEMAND complies with data removal requests and maintains an audit trail for compliance with CCPA and GDPR removal requests. You can build a form that tells ActiveDEMAND to forget that user automatically.

Personal Data Access Request (What do you know about me?)

In GDPR lingo, this is a Subject Access Request (SAR) and you can build this in AD quickly as well. If a user fills out the form, they get a zip of their personal data.

If you’re having issues with any of these forms, you can email us at privacy@activedemand.com or call us toll free: 1-(844) 899-4386

If you’re curious about our privacy policy, you can check it out here and our GDPR compliance info is over here.