CCPA Compliance

ActiveDEMAND is CCPA compliant. Not only are we compliant as an organization ourselves, we provide all the tools needed for our users and their clients to be compliant as well.

You can use this page to submit CCPA requests for your account.

Do Not Sell my Personal Information

How ActiveDEMAND enables users to meet this CCPA requirement.

Since ActiveDEMAND isn’t built as a data selling platform, there isn’t a default action or widget. At a minimum an auto-responder workflow will set a custom field indicating that the user doesn’t want their data sold. This action will be logged in the contact history timeline. If users are in the business of selling data and use the ActiveDEMAND platform, additional actions can be added such as adding contacts that have that preference set to an exclusion audience list or segment. Workflow wait states can be used to manage the 12 month minimum period out lined in the legislation.

Submit your Do Not Sell my Personal Information Request

ActiveDEMAND does not sell user data. However to be CCPA compliant we still provide you the ability to make your request.

Request Personal Data Deletion

How ActiveDEMAND enables users to meet this CCPA requirement.

A Personal Data Deletion Request covers the ‘right to be forgotten’ requirement. ActiveDEMAND complies with data removal requests and maintains an audit trail for compliance with CCPA removal requests. You can build a form that tells ActiveDEMAND to forget that user automatically.