GDPR Compliance

ActiveDEMAND is GDPR compliant. Not only are we compliant as an organization ourselves, but we also provide all the tools needed for our users and their clients to be compliant as well.

You can use this page to submit GDPR requests for your account.

Right to Object (Opt-out)

How ActiveDEMAND enables users to meet this GDPR requirement.

ActiveDEMAND has always had a simple system for tracking opt-outs. With ActiveDEMAND it is technically impossible to send an email to someone who has opted out. As well ActiveDEMAND does not allow outbound communications to people without providing the ability to opt-out (unsubscribe). ActiveDEMAND has many options for customizing unsubscribe/opt-out landing pages.

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Right To Be Forgotten

How ActiveDEMAND enables users to meet this GDPR requirement.

The Right To Be Forgotten requirement is handled by simply using the “Forget Contact” widget. ActiveDEMAND complies with data removal requests and maintains an audit trail for compliance with GDPR removal requests. You can build a form that tells ActiveDEMAND to forget that user automatically.

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Subject Access Request (SAR)

How ActiveDEMAND enables users to meet this GDPR requirement.

Subject Access Request (SAR) covers the the ‘right of access’ and ‘right of portability’ requirements. All information gathered on a contact is stored in their activity timeline. When a user fills out the form, they will be emailed a copy of their personal data as a zipped CSV file. This video covers the basics of setting up data access requests.

Submit you Subject Access Request (SAR)

If you’re having issues with any of these forms, you can email us at or call us toll free: 1-(844) 899-4386

If you’re curious about our privacy policy, you can check it out here and our GDPR compliance info is over here.