Marketing automation supports growth

In the past, companies could craft a single marketing campaign that would run in multiple publications or outlets. However, online marketing advantages have caused many businesses to switch to the Internet. The nature of online advertising means marketers need to focus on volume, according to an article in Marketing Pilgrim.

Traditional marketing efforts focused on branding, but it was difficult to measure the return on investment of campaigns. Since marketing teams now need to create large amounts of content tailored to particular customer segments, companies need new tools to manage communications and target consumers. Marketing automation can significantly improve these initiatives, and platforms include analytics tools so marketers can understand how campaigns are performing and ROI.

Many companies not adopting marketing automation tools

Marketing Pilgrim cited data from Ascend2 and Research Underwriters, which found companies were either highly engaged in marketing automation, or they were not using it at all. Inbound marketing techniques are difficult for many organizations, but an online marketing system can be highly effective for boosting these initiatives.

Why consider marketing automation? Companies that utilize this software are able to turn more leads into sales, and sales and marketing teams can build on their strengths, TechVorm, a mobile application news source, said. In addition to closing more deals, the amount per transaction may be higher because marketing automation allows for better lead nurturing. These platforms enable marketers to deliver more relevant content to prospects, which can facilitate transitions from each phase of the sales cycle. Since sales representatives will be in a better position to meet their quotas, organizations can grow revenue over time.

Because marketers need to produce a large amount of content through many different channels, marketing automation can facilitate these efforts, as well as help companies make better forecasts and improve marketing and sales effectiveness.