Our population is aging and we are living longer. Senior care facilities are now becoming more personal, even offering customized lifestyle option packages to offer better-matched levels of care. Marketing to reach out to attract new seniors as well as to keep connected with families is crucial. The same personalized options that some facilities now offer has to be mirrored in a marketing strategy that’s equally as personal and people-focused for the residents.

The Basics: Move in and Occupancy Attribution

ActiveDEMAND’s full attribution tracking helps senior living communities track their prospect’s digital behavior via email campaigns, social posts, visitor behavior on the community’s website, and engagement such as downloading brochures, appointments or clicking through content about the community. This tracked attribution data shows the buyer’s journey for a potential lead, which supports the sales team to better engage a prospect’s care needs or interests. Knowing which marketing efforts are driving your move-ins and helping to increase occupancy is key to tuning marketing efforts for high performance. Full attribution also helps with identifying new occupants who may have come in from marketing rather than referrals from an affiliate network.

Marketing Automation for Senior Care Tips

  • Track phone calls and find what marketing drove those calls using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)
  • Track form fills
  • Allow prospects to schedule a visit themselves
  • Use filtering

Email/Social Media Communications at Scale

Managing multiple senior care communities from a single marketing group comes with some efficiencies and some challenges. Marketers sure get their copy/paste practice in when they’re sending out the same Christmas emails to 15 different locations, then putting the same message out 15 times on Facebook, Twitter, and sometimes on a website blog. Nobody got into marketing so that they could copy and paste their life away, yet that’s what many digital marketing specialists are stuck doing these days.

ActiveDEMAND has both multi-channel campaigns as well as cross-account campaign cloning. So you can build 1 omnichannel campaign that includes a WordPress blog post, Facebook post, email, and Tweet, and then clone that campaign to multiple accounts, applying appropriate branding for each account. Now marketers can spend more time on the strategy, concepts, and creative of the campaign, and less time copy and pasting between accounts.

Integrating Systems: CRM

One activity that unlocks a lot of other marketing is integrating the CRM with marketing automation. Most senior housing and post-acute care facilities use a Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, platform. Rather than use a general purpose CRM, senior facilities have purpose-built CRM platforms that are customized with terminology, workflow, and sales process. Sales and marketing alignment is important for any business’ growth so finding the right marketing automation platform to complement your CRM is a must.

With an integrated CRM and Marketing Automation platform, senior living providers can effectively market across multiple online channels – email, social media, ads and more. CRM data is used to trigger automated marketing messages, making move-ins and other common activities more consistent.

The integration also ensures all relevant email activity is synchronized between both systems. Additionally, the call tracking features and full-featured appointment scheduling system provide valuable data to the senior care CRM system.

Having all the sales and marketing data in the CRM system allows the sales team to manage all leads, contacts, referral sources and residents in one place. Sales counselors can use the combined data in the CRM to increase occupancy and simplify the revenue cycle. A well-integrated system works together to demonstrate a better way for companies to achieve high contact and conversion rates, as well as gain insight into the performance of their communities through customized reporting and business intelligence tools.

ActiveDEMAND integrates with many of the popular senior care CRM’s so you can keep customer details synchronized and better connect marketing and sales.

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ActiveDemand provides a lot of the digital tools for modern marketing. I love having everything in one place and pulling all the different report options to show ROI.
-Katie from Senior Star