Become a Guest on the ActiveDEMAND Podcast

About the Podcast

The Marketing Automation Podcast by ActiveDEMAND is a weekly podcast designed for marketing agencies, B2B, senior care facilities, and SaaS companies that use or are thinking of using ActiveDEMAND. Our aim is education so we tackle compartmentalized topics and bring experienced guests on to share their knowledge. We strive for 10-20 minute episodes, but it’s OK if we go a little long to better cover a topic.


What you Need as a Guest

  • A timeslot for recording. If you do conference calls and calls from your computer a lot, 30 minutes will be fine. If you’re unsure about your audio setup, give it 45 minutes so we can set things up
  • Send us your favorite high resolutions headshot so we can make a cool-looking featured image
  • Send your bio so we can introduce you with the flair you’ve earned



Become an ActiveDEMAND podcast guest

Bad audio quality turns off listeners quickly. A studio-quality microphone and professional studio would be nice but aren’t required. Here’s what you’ll need to sound great:

  • Great for podcasts: A gaming headset or VoIP headset with an attached microphone
  • OK: The earbuds that came with your phone, just make sure not to bump the mic part of the cord
  • Not so great: regular phone or cell phone
  • Just awful: laptop microphone and speakers

You’ll want to plug in the best audio source first, so your computer detects it and puts it as the default, and then connect to our call.

Small boardrooms with hard surfaces (walls, windows, etc) will have the most echo, while rooms with soft surfaces like fabrics or couches will have better audio.


Technology on the Call

  • Best audio quality: Zencastr: It records simultaneously on your end and mine so that bumps in our internet connection don’t matter. I send you a super special link, you click the link and some prompts and it works in-browser.
  • Good alternatives that we could use if you’re more familiar with them: Skype or Google Hangouts.
  • If you can’t get any of those going, we could go to a regular recorded phone call.

If you can hard wire your internet connection using an ethernet cable, that helps avoid dropouts in case someone uses a microwave.


Recording Day

On the day of, we’ll connect using the best available method (Zencastr, preferred). Our recording will not be live, so if there are any spots we need to cut out or edit, that’s OK and I can do that afterward. Most of our podcasts feel like 2 people chatting informally about a particular topic on marketing automation. Bring your war stories, your tried and true practices, and your tips on how to make the best of marketing automation.

After the call, we’ll edit and produce the podcast, schedule it for release on a particular day, and let you know when it goes live. While the link I send over is to, our podcast is also available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Tunein,, Google Play Podcasts, and more. If you can share the podcast on your LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms you’re active, that’d be great!