ActiveDEMAND Announces Enhanced Dashboard Reporting for Marketing Agencies

New solution from company behind intuitive integrated marketing automation platform enables firms to save time and produce more accurate reports.

ActiveDEMAND (, a Canada-based company responsible for launching a highly intuitive integrated marketing automation platform for marketing firms, has announced it now offers enhanced dashboard reporting for online/digital marketing agencies. Addressing two primary issues marketing agencies regularly face when they report the results of marketing initiatives to their clients – time and accuracy (completeness) – the new ActiveDEMAND service boasts features such as automated reporting, client dashboards, client logins, complete white labeling, attribution reporting (assigning a value to a marketing activity based on desired outcome), custom assignable dashboards and more.

“Marketing agencies must regularly report to their clients the results they produce from marketing initiatives,” states Brian Neufeld, CMO of parent company JumpDEMAND. “Creating reports tends to be very time consuming because often marketing agencies will use many different online tools, such as email, social media, Google AdWords and call tracking, and they need to get reports from all these tools and consolidate them. This is usually done with the assistance of a spreadsheet, which is incredibly time consuming; likewise, because disparate systems are being used, many marketing reps cannot see a true picture of a consumer’s journey through the ‘marketing funnel.’ As such, pieces end up going missing.

“Now, through the use of ActiveDEMAND’s enhanced dashboard reporting, marketing agencies can save a lot of time while producing more accurate reports – this keeps them ahead of their competition and delivers more value to their clients, and more value strengthens the relationship, ultimately leading to more business.”

With ActiveDEMAND’s client dashboards, agencies can share common information with their clients while fully utilizing its own branding. Further, through the use of client logins, agencies’ clients can log into their own personal dashboard to view the status and performance of their campaigns; now, all marketing reporting requirements remain in one place, with ActiveDEMAND marketing analytics consolidating all marketing requirements via one login. From full control over dashboard design to the ability to “drill down” to specific visitors, conversions and buyers – encompassing analysis of first visit attribution, first conversion attribution and current conversion attribution – ActiveDEMAND’s enhanced dashboard has proven to be dynamically responsive, fully integrating with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular platforms.

“The ActiveDEMAND platform protocols and solutions have been specifically designed for marketing agencies, and remain a very affordable choice when comparing included features with other options,” concludes Neufeld. “When a marketing agency subscribes to ActiveDEMAND, it finds itself in the unique position of being able to set up unlimited sub-accounts, one for each of its clients… and this is just one small example of what sets us apart from other solutions-based companies working with online/digital marketing entities.”

About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for digital marketing agencies to help them easily create, execute and track the performance of marketing campaigns for their clients. ActiveDEMAND provides built in campaign, email, landing page and other templates leaving the agency to simply configure campaigns. Other complete marketing automation platforms are priced outside the budgets of marketing agencies. Not ActiveDEMAND. The platform is built and priced for online marketing agencies to help them market effectively and grow their business.