Good companies know whether their customers are happy and get feedback on a periodic basis. Some marketing agencies have their account managers perform yearly or bi-yearly account reviews with their clients to get feedback, some also solicit feedback in their monthly meetings. Asking for feedback shows the client that you care, but can sometimes be tainted by the customer’s mood, or how they feel about their account manager rather than the company as a whole.

We prefer a system that uses some automated feedback points AND some manual in-person feedback. Each company will have their own manual feedback mechanisms, but I want to show you how to set up your own automated feedback mechanism using ActiveDEMAND.

Advantages to Automatically Requesting Feedback

  • you can request feedback more consistently
  • you can request feedback based on a client trigger like a purchase
  • you can compare client satisfaction over time (as long as your questions stay the same)
  • you can compare client satisfaction between account managers
  • you can identify client satisfaction challenges over the life cycle of a client (do they get a 1-year itch? is the first 3 months the most challenging?)

The automated survey below is a Drip campaign in ActiveDEMAND.

Trigger: We add customers based on when they’re added to a “new user account” list. This way, we check in for feedback at 3/6/9/12 months based on when they started their account. We’ve checked off the “Stop processing prospects when they leave the source list” option so that we can pull people off the list if their user account. Ideally trigger these workflows off your CRM. If you’re not running a CRM, get one but until then, you could use a bulk import via spreadsheet or a custom field to add the customer to a dynamic list.

Frequency: As we’re a software company, we want feedback fairly frequently: every 3 months. Depending on your business, you may want feedback more or less frequently. We purposefully avoid requesting feedback in the first 3 months of a new account because we have an on-boarding campaign that runs during that time period and helps users learn about the system.

Optional Enhancements:

Is the coast clear? We’ve added in some wait widgets before each email that checks if the client has received an email from us in the last 24 hours. If they have, we wait for a little while longer.

Send from Account Manager: You could choose to send the emails from the contact manager in ActiveDEMAND, from a customer success manager, or from a more generic “feedback@” email. Emails from the account manager will see higher open rates, but you might get more critical/truthful feedback of the account manager if the email comes from a more generic address.

Request Review: After a user has completed giving us feedback, we ask for customers to review us on review sites that are a priority for us. Read more tips on getting reviews from a workflow.

Differently Worded Subject Lines: We’re using different subject lines and email content between our 4 emails to increase open/click rate. We could use the same email every 3 months for simplicity/consistency, but we may see lower open rates or more unsubscribes if it’s always the same subject line every 3 months. We could also choose to do a longer yearly feedback survey if we wanted.

Custom Unsubscribe: We enable users to unsubscribe from just this feedback email or from all emails.

Automatic Feedback Request