A Digital Marketing Agency That Goes the Extra Step for Their Clients

A Digital Marketing Agency That Goes the Extra Step for Their Clients


    • Linking offline phone calls to other engagement data
    • Eliminate the need for manual data entry
    • Link all collected data to Google Analytics


RocketTech Ltd is a digital marketing agency located in the UK, comprised of a dedicated team of digital marketing experts whose skills expand and enhance each other. They are driven by challenges and provide the best service to their customers regardless of their budget. Everything RocketTech does is driven by data, which requires precise and planned-out measurements – an aspect of the industry many agencies neglect. Their campaigns always revolve around their clients’ business reality and view their work as an endless iteration for better results. So, when they see a problem, they find the right solution.


RocketTech’s tagline is ‘Bringing science to online marketing’, and takes the marketing approach that tracking, testing, and improving performance raises the quality of the customer’s experience. One of their clients had a need for call attribution tracking.

The client’s business sells high-quality training courses to companies in the UK. Their selling model included online e-commerce, ads, and lead generation content. In addition to online sales, many inquiries come through the phone.

The problem was tracking the full buyer’s journey on sales from phone calls.

Full attribution tracking, testing, and improving performance raise the quality of the customer’s experience.


The issue was attribution because RocketTech was not able to see purchases facilitated by employees who spoke with clients on the phone. RocketTech could not determine where the clients came from, the type of marketing engagement, and the actions that resulted in the final sale. RocketTech was already using ActiveDEMAND’s phone call tracking capabilities to track from where inbound calls originated. What was missing was the full picture of the buyer’s journey.

RocketTech identified several challenges for which they sought a solution:

  1. How could they link offline phone calls to other marketing engagement data?
  2. Could this data be fed into their Google Analytics account?
  3. Could all appropriate attribution dimensions be captured (source, medium, etc.)?
  4. How could they minimize or eliminate the need for manual data entry?


RocketTech reached out to ActiveDEMAND to see if it was possible to create an automated workflow to meet the needs of their use case and overcome the challenges.

The ActiveDEMAND platform allows users to create contact or organization custom fields. RocketTech used this functionality to create an entry field to flag opportunities that came in through offline phone calls. When the contact field was entered by the client, the key attribution data – including source, medium, and campaign information – was passed to an automated ActiveDEMAND workflow. The workflow not only ensured the call tracking information was recorded on the appropriate contact’s history timeline, the information was also posted to Google Analytics to ensure the full attribution data was included in the engagement reports.

The Results

ActiveDEMEAND’s powerful phone call and full attribution tools have finally joined the sale and analytics circle. RocketTech now had insight into an unmonitored field of conversions: offline purchases. With the help of ActiveDEMAND, they have full awareness of what channels all sales use to buy courses and the steps they make before their telephone purchase. This is an invaluable source of information for the marketing and sales teams.

About RocketTech Ltd.

Track, test and improve because a website is never finished. RocketTech has a very straightforward approach. They work with companies as their outsourced marketing and web development department, gaining a deep understanding of your business, customers, and markets. They ask a lot of questions, collect a lot of data, and use these pointers to reveal where their customers are today and where they should be going. Learn more about RocketTech: www.rockettech.co.uk

About ActiveDEMAND

Based in Canada with a primary office in Calgary, Alberta — and boasting clients hailing from all over the world — ActiveDEMAND is the company behind the highly successful ActiveDEMAND marketing automation platform. ActiveDEMAND started as a digital marketing agency with a vision: to build a modern toolset for the multi-client marketer. Since ActiveDEMAND’s beginnings, the founders have constructed a plethora of tools and systems to not only effectively market products and services but to bridge the gap between marketing and sales.