Wiebe Industrial Finds Truth and Accountability for Marketing Performance with ActiveDEMAND

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Wiebe Industrial helps industrial B2B companies reach their next level of potential through proven marketing solutions, resulting in increased revenue, improved customer service, and a stronger company culture.


  • ActiveDEMAND provided a single source of unified data with attribution and accountability through the customer life cycle.
  • Able to increase email open rate from 17.8 to 32%
  • Astounding email nurture conversion rates of 40%
  • Increased lead win rate from 10.3% to 23.5%
  • Increased visibility into how mobile users were converting

Video: Gerry Wiebe of Wiebe Industrial Services, Inc. chats about how his agency uses ActiveDEMAND

How Did You Hear About ActiveDEMAND?

A client was already using ActiveDEMAND. With that introduction, Wiebe Industrial discovered a platform to prove and quantify the effectiveness of marketing channels and campaigns. Instead of guessing about results, management now had a single point of truth with the data to back it up.

How Do You Use ActiveDEMAND?

Wiebe Industrial found that processes they were still doing in analog could be done by ActiveDEMAND via automation. The automation provided greater insight into their prospects and customers with the collected data housed in one platform, providing a single source of truth for attribution.

Access to first-party data from a single source fit Wiebe Industrial’s need for measurement and accountability. ActiveDEMAND made it easy to create data-driven marketing campaigns, measure against KPIs, and build reports to prove results to their clients.

“Accountability defines performance and ActiveDEMAND is the accountability tool for me on client marketing.” – Gerry Wiebe, Founder, and President of Wiebe Industrial

Wiebe Industrial was now using a single source of data coupled with marketing automation to market to prospects and clients while providing a more personalized relationship and reducing the use of efficiency-reducing “middlemen. Tools like dynamic number insertion and dynamic webpages show the phone number and representative information on a web page based on the product line they sell. This made it easier for buyers to talk directly to the representative in charge of that product line and build a relationship. Plus, marketing tactics could be changed based on what was learned about the client.

Gerry Wiebe found that drip campaigns provided another way to market to their prospects and build relationships. “Once we understood the power of nurturing, we knew that we needed to use nurturing (campaigns) to push other products. This squashes the ‘I didn’t know you guys sold that!’ because the downstream marketing is for the other products they don’t have.”.

What is it like to work with ActiveDEMAND?

Wiebe Industrial had previous experience with Act-On. They found the service had been slipping, and it was difficult to get a representative on the phone. ActiveDEMAND has an in-house customer success team that has built a relationship with Wiebe Industrial and is committed to their success.

Results of Focusing on the Truth in the Data

Wiebe Industrial uses its data to create KPIs and measure against them. Since using ActiveDEMAND for attribution and accountability, they have increased their email open rate from 32% open rate vs 17.8%. The close rate on leads has increased from 10.3% to 23.5%. Additionally, Wiebe Industrial got better visibility into how mobile users were converting and used that information to create a drip campaign to nurture these very important leads.

With ActiveDEMAND as the single point of truth for attribution and accountability, Wiebe Industrial has a platform in which to prove marketing value to their clients and show them unequivocally that the revenue is real.

About Wiebe Industrial Services, Inc.

Wiebe Industrial Services Inc. helps industrial B2B companies reach their next level of potential through proven marketing solutions, resulting in increased revenue, improved customer service, and a stronger company culture.

About ActiveDEMAND.

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for businesses to help them easily create, execute, and track the marketing engagement of their campaigns. Providing powerful features such as webinar integration, advanced appointment scheduling, and personalization tools, it is built and priced for businesses to effectively market and grow their business.