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ActiveDEMAND Implementation Services

Add an ActiveDEMAND Expert To Your Team

Are you looking to accelerate your ActiveDEMAND Implementation? Let our experts help you get things going quickly. We have experts on staff that are able to help you get things going quickly with your ActiveDEMAND project.

Landing Page Template Port

Do you have a landing page template that your team has built with another tool and you are looking to have it available as a template in ActiveDEMAND? Are you short of time and resources? Let our team port your template into ActiveDEMAND for you!

Price: $175

Email Template Port

Are you moving from another email marketing system to ActiveDEMAND and you want to use your existing template in ActiveDEMAND? Yes ActiveDEMAND allows you to import templates directly as HTML … wouldn’t it be easier if your template was built using ActiveDEMAND’s native builder? Let our team port your template into ActiveDEMAND for you!

Price: $100

Popup Template Port

You have an outstanding Popup that you are absolutely in love with and you want to start using it in ActiveDEMAND. Let our team do the porting for you!

Price: $100

Bespoke Services

You need an ActiveDEMAND expert to help you meet a deadline.

Price: $75/hour
For bespoke services, we charge in 4 hour blocks, with a 1 hour task minimum.

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