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5 Reasons (Plus a Bonus) Why ActiveDEMAND’s AI Assistant Excels Over Further’s Chat

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When it comes to choosing a tool for chat for senior living websites, the comparison often comes down to specific features. In the realm of AI-powered assistants and chatbots, ActiveDEMAND and Further both offer robust solutions. However, a closer look reveals a significant difference: while ActiveDEMAND’s AI assistant matches, and in many ways, surpasses the capabilities of Further's chat tool, it brings an array of additional, comprehensive marketing automation features to the table.

Maximizing Growth and Client Success: The Power of Marketplaces for Marketing Agencies

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Navigating the digital marketing world can sometimes feel like trying to stand out in a superhero convention wearing a cape – everyone's got one! ‍♂️ But fear not, for online marketplaces are here to save the day (and your agency). Learn the key benefits of participating in marketplaces, which can significantly boost an agency's growth, client base, and retention capabilities. Read our latest blog post!

The Distinction in Senior Living: Marketing Automation or CRM?

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In a recent benchmarking study of the industry, ActiveDEMAND learned that many senior living marketing professionals are unclear on the distinction between their marketing automation platform and CRM. Grasping the nuances between these tools is crucial for determining which is most appropriate for a given task. This includes attracting new clients, delivering cohesive yet personalized communication, analyzing and acting upon results, and maintaining engagement beyond the initial sale. Our latest blog article explores the core differences and how each can play a unique role in building trust with your communities’ future residents and families. ‍‍‍>>> #ActiveDemand #Marketing #ContentMarketing #EmailMarketing #LeadGeneration #MarketingAgencies #MarketingAutomation

Unveiling Client Success: Why Marketing Agencies Need Identity Resolution for Client Retention and Growth

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Unveiling Client Success: Why Marketing Agencies Need Identity Resolution for Client Retention and Growth [...]

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