Using Call Tracking Software Whisper Messages to Power Up Your Marketing

Three Ways Whisper Messages from ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking can Advance Your Inbound Marketing

Whisper Messages, also known as Call Screening, is a tool for inbound phone calls that plays a short message when the receiver picks up. Using ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking, this message can be used to identify the phone number and marketing campaign that resulted in the call. This ensures that your team will know exactly what promotions prompted the caller to pick up the phone.

Using the Whisper Messages feature from ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking can help to turbocharge your marketing efforts in three key ways:

1) Tailored Approach to Each Call

Every prospective customer wants to receive the most relevant information for them. Using Whisper Messages, you can inform your team member what phone number was dialed to reach them. Better yet, you can configure ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking to name the marketing campaign that the phone number is associated with. This will help your staff the to tailor their approach to each caller.

Whisper Messages can also be used to identify where a call is coming from. Using this information, the receiver can make sure he or she is providing the most accurate pricing and distribution information for the caller’s location.

2) Reduce Time and Cost

When your team members are already prepared before picking up a call, they are able to complete the interaction faster and with better results. This can significantly reduce the time and cost of answering inbound calls while simultaneously enhancing customer satisfaction. Whisper Messages can also be used to ensure that the most relevant agent handles each call, further improving efficiency.

3) Improve Metrics

In today’s business world, you can’t afford to not measure your marketing campaigns’ success. With ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking’s Whisper Messages feature, you can keep track of which campaigns resulted in which calls. This can be used in turn to track metrics all the way down your sales funnel.

Get started today with ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking to power up your marketing efforts with Whisper Messages.