Understanding the Basics of a Nurture Campaign

Times are tough for Marketing Agencies trying to succeed in business, increase their retainers and keep ‘bringing home the bacon’.

Are You Producing Enough Sales-Ready-Leads for your clients?

Brilliant marketing campaigns will attract many leads to your client’s website. But how many of them are sales ready? One touch is not enough. Successful marketing agencies use lead nurturing to establish a relationship with potential customers, so that when they are ready to buy, they come to you.

The most effective lead nurturing process uses marketing automation to provide informative and relevant content to the potential customers. So what are the key components to a Nurture campaign and how can you most effectively make use of this to turn prospects into customers?

Watch the training seminar “The Anatomy of a Nurture Campaign” and learn more.

What you’ll learn by viewing the webcast:

  • Key components of a Nurture campaign
  • Basics of building a successful campaign
  • Timed vs event triggered campaigns
  • Integrating Nurture campaigns with other marketing initiatives
  • Tips to maximize campaign success