Master Class: New Personalization Strategies for Agencies

What does it take today to prompt someone to notice, and click-through, to marketing content?

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Real-time behavior-based personalization increases brand awareness, builds relationships and generates qualified leads. Eric, what are you doing to optimize your clients’ customer experience to drive engagement and conversions?

Thanks to new personalization strategies, marketers like ActiveDEMAND can serve relevant content to website visitors based on what they clicked and where they came from. Isn’t it time you delivered a better customer experience and more accurate and relevant communications for your clients and their website visitors?

Save your seat today for the upcoming webinar Master Class: New Personalization Strategies for Agencies, as Sean Leonard gives an in-depth look on how marketing agencies can make personalization work for them and their clients.

What you’ll learn by viewing the webcast:

  • How leading agencies are using personalization
  • Where and how to use personalization tools
  • Increasing conversions and retainers
  • Personalization in creating story arcs, drip campaigns and more


View the webcast now