Marketing Personalization Leveraging Conversation Analytics

The Perfect Combination for Conversion Rate Optimization

Real-time marketing personalization increases brand awareness, drives conversion rate optimization and improves retention. How do you get the data needed to create personalized experiences and promote customer engagement?

There are many sources of information, such as keywords found in recorded conversations, that marketers like your company can use to create more accurate and relevant marketing messaging. Does personalization play in role in your marketing strategy? Are you leveraging all your potential assets?

Save your seat today for the upcoming webinar Marketing Personalization Leveraging Conversation Analytics, as Sean Leonard and Emily Blazensky give an in-depth look on how marketers can leverage conversation analytics and other data sources to drive more leads with less work.

What you’ll learn by viewing the webcast:

  • Benefits of using marketing personalization
  • Where and how to use personalization tools
  • Call Tracking, Keyword Spotting and Analytics
  • Leveraging conversation analytics for personalization and conversions
  • Personalization in creating story arcs, drip campaigns and more