What is CDAP and How Does it Apply to Canadian Marketing Agencies?

Leverage the $4B Canadian Digital Adoption program (CDAP) for Your Agency and Clients.

Digital marketing agencies are in the business of helping clients adopt new digital technologies, take advantage of e-commerce opportunities and other strategies to meet their marketing goals.

The Government of Canada announced the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) in the 2021 budget, to support Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises. CDAP will help brands boost their online presence and digitize how they run their businesses. The program provides funding and expertise to businesses, as well as training and work opportunities. There are different funds and aspects of the program that marketing agencies can access for themselves and their clients.

Join us and learn more on:

  • What is CDAP and how does it apply to agencies?
  • How CDAP benefits agencies and their clients
  • How to get started with CDAP
  • Digital adoption strategies with ActiveDEMAND