Learn how to sell Industrial Automation products

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Every industry has its niche way to market and sell their solutions. When it comes to industrial automation, it is important to understand the factors that influence buying decisions as this will impact how products & services are positioned, marketed and sold.

View this presentation and learn how to successfully position industrial automation solutions, describe the purchasing process and understand best practices.

After viewing this webcast you will have learned:

  • The challenge of displacing legacy systems with new technology
  • The different roles involved in the purchasing decision of industrial automation products
  • The risks buyers face when choosing industrial automation solutions
  • The stages of the buying cycle including the purchasing process
  • Tips on how to position your product for marketing success
  • Marketing do’s and don’ts
  • How understanding full funnel engagement can increase your chance of success
  • And more…

This webcast is for:

  • CEO and President
  • Business owners
  • VP of Sales, Director of Sales & Sales Managers
  • VP of Marketing, Director of Marketing & Marketing Managers
  • Product Managers of industrial automation products
View the webcast now