How To Boost AdWords ROI with Conversion Tracking

Are you managing your advertising investment wisely?

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Are you managing your advertising investment wisely? Are they resulting in conversions like sign-ups, downloads, purchases or phone calls? Without some form of conversion tracking and attribution you don’t know if your ad spend is effective.

Learn how to track the data you need, measure ad performance and optimize your ads and conversion rates to match your business needs. Not only does conversion tracking provide the information needed to improve your ROI, the data can be used to personalize your website and landing page, adjust audience lists and more.

Watch the webinar and learn more on:

  • Types of AdWords tracking, and which are right for your business
  • Tracking the full ROI of all conversions
  • Personalizing landing pages based on AdWord context and keywords
  • Call Tracking with Google AdWords
  • Adjusting audience lists based on ad conversions
  • Use conversion data to maximize profit and reduce ad spend
View the webcast now