The Basics of Drip Campaigns

This month Adriel will be chatting about the basics of Drip Campaigns

If you are still just sending basic campaign emails to your contact list and *gasp* manually following up with email replies this webinar chat is meant for you.

You could be doing so much more with your campaigns using a drip, otherwise called a nurture campaign. From saving yourself a lot of manual work by automating follow-up, to nurturing prospects down a sales path to a specific goal, to automating surveys and review requests, really drip campaigns are only limited to your imagination.

Topics covered:

  • the Drip Campaign Dashboard and elements
  • Importance of knowing campaign goal
  • How do you determine if someone leaves the campaign?
  • Understanding the triggers for drip campaigns
  • Understanding the difference between Actions and Decisions
  • Understanding the mechanics of a workflow
  • Example ideas of drip campaigns
  • Best tips and practices