CEO Chat Series – Website Dynamic Content

May: Sean talks about how to use website dynamic content

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Want to get a live demonstration of ActiveDEMAND’s features from Sean, our CEO? In this monthly webinar, Sean Leonard, our CEO provides step-by-step instruction for ActiveDEMAND features and tools, the context for how to use them, and insight into why they offer value.

Dynamic content is pretty cool, right? Showing specific content to a prospect based on personalized parameters so they receive the most relevant information is powerful.

It can also feel a little intimidating. Maybe you have wanted to use dynamic content in your marketing but weren’t sure where or how to start? Maybe you didn’t know what elements could be dynamic? And how do you get those dynamic blocks on your website anyway?

Sean is here to show you! Learn:

  • How to insert dynamic content on your website
  • Use cases that you can implement for your business
  • The difference between dynamic images and dynamic content
  • When to use dynamic content (avoid ‘too much of a good thing’ syndrome)


View the webcast now