Hyperise Alternative

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ActiveDEMAND is the real Hyperise alternative. For those companies that have email, call tracking, landing pages, and other marketing automation already deployed and only need dynamic images, Hyperise fits the bill. For those who don’t have those features, or may need to grow into them, ActiveDEMAND can personalize more and has the marketing automation platform to apply a full push to personalize everything for prospects.

Hubspot Alternative

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ActiveDEMAND is the real Hubspot alternative.  Not only does ActiveDEMAND Agency Marketer provide everything you need to easily create, execute, manage and track your marketing campaigns, it also includes many other features not found with Hubspot. Features like call tracking, predictive personalization and true multi-client management.

New Role Scoping and Notification Feature

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As of today, we are introducing 2 new features for Corporate Marketer clients: 1. Role [...]

3 Clever Ways to Integrate Salesforce with Marketing Automation

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Salesforce™ is the most popular CRM and they also pioneered the SaaS (Software as a [...]

Marketing Automation for Senior Care

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Our population is aging and we are living longer. Senior care facilities are now becoming [...]

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