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ActiveDEMAND offers a flexible chat solution to serve your customers better than ever. With options for live human chats, digital assistants, or a mix of both, we’ve got you covered 24/7. When you pair this adaptable AI-powered chat feature with ActiveDEMAND’s robust marketing automation, you’re getting an all-in-one powerhouse that outshines any standalone chat solution.

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We Are Trusted By Many

With over 3800 communities using ActiveDEMAND, we are the

#1 Marketing Automation Platform in Senior Living

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Scaling Trust, Not To-Do Lists: The Time-Saving Power of ActiveDEMAND

Incorporating ActiveDEMAND is a game-changer when it comes to freeing up your time. You’re already juggling multiple families across numerous communities, right? It’s a lot. Answering questions, listening, empathizing, following up—it gets way complicated when you’re doing it for not just one family, but 10 families in one community, and then multiply that by 100 communities. This is where ActiveDEMAND steps in like a breath of fresh air. With our multi-tenant architecture and robust contact relationship model, automation becomes your best buddy. It streamlines tasks, zaps redundancy out of the equation, and makes everything more efficient. Imagine all the time you can redirect to more impactful initiatives – or even to take a break!

And don’t forget, we’ve got a killer Success Team on standby. They’re not just support; they’re your co-pilots, ready to help take your vision and make it a reality. So you’re not just saving time—you’re investing it in smarter ways to build trust at scale.

We Integrate With Your CRM

If your sales tools cannot talk to your marketing tools, how can you ever get sales and marketing alignment? ActiveDEMAND takes CRM integrations seriously.

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All the Marketing Automation Features You Want

Marketing Reporting for Senior Living

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Get everything you need to manage a single or multiple senior living communities without burning the clock. With ActiveDEMAND, not only do you get features like campaign cloning, roll-up reports, and senior CRM integration, but you also benefit from fast onboarding that’s designed to save you time. It’s your one-stop, time-saving solution for efficient and effective marketing across all your communities.

With ActiveDEMAND:

  • Multi-facility marketing
  • Built-in appointment scheduling
  • Contact relationship support
  • Detailed engagement reporting
  • Get native CRM integration
  • AI-powered chat/sales assistant

Sherpa Case Study

“Because both companies have a customer-centric focus, there is a high level of sales and marketing alignment through this integration that not only provides our sales consultants with key prospect insights, it also gives them the tools to ensure that each customer receives the level of communication engagement they need.”

Alex Fisher, Sherpa

Learn more about the Sherpa+ActiveDEMAND integration

GlynnDevins Case Study


“Scaling multiple clients with ActiveDEMAND’s account/sub-account structure has been key. We use linked templates from parent accounts to child accounts so we can scale changes while still reflecting individual accounts. We can deploy marketing at scale yet still reflect individual communities at an affordable price.” Read the case study.

Kyle Crocker, Linkmedia 360 a GlynnDevins company