ActiveDEMAND Online Marketing Agency Software

Designed for Digital Marketing Agencies

ActiveDEMAND Online Agency Marketing Software is an integrated marketing platform designed for the digital marketing agency. ActiveDEMAND gives digital agencies a competitive advantage by helping deliver and DEMONSTRATE real value to clients.

One Marketing Portal. One Toolset. One Brand:Yours!

Imagine a single marketing portal to manage all of your clients. Imagine providing real white-labeled marketing dashboards for all of your clients. Imagine using a product that drives your brand, not ours. Imagine one marketing portal with ALL of your marketing tools!
Yes, this is a reality. ActiveDEMAND’s Marketing Agency Portal is all of this and more!

White Labeled Digital Agency Marketing Reporting Software



Agency Marketing Platform


Execute Powerful Campaigns

ActiveDEMAND gives you a full box of online marketing tools all in one place. Execute professional campaigns all in one place with the integrated marketing platform.

Manage Multiple Marketing Clients

Manage Multiple Clients

Create unlimited accounts within ActiveDEMAND to manage each of your clients marketing initiatives. Customize each account with your client’s brand so campaigns look professional and consistent.

Campaign Performance

Deliver Results to Clients

ActiveDEMAND tracks the performance of your campaigns… not just traffic data but prospect conversions and leads as well. Show your clients what you do for them.


White-labelling Included

Keep your agency’s brand front and center. ActiveDEMAND can be white-labelled so all communication to your client has your look and feel. You have complete control.


Execute Services Faster and Easier

Landing Pages

ActiveDEMAND Online Agency Marketing Software is an integrated marketing platform with built in templates that enable you to simplify your marketing stack allowing you to spend more time on delivering and demonstrating results.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking Software

With ActiveDEMAND, you can easily add a call tracking number to any online or offline campaign. Measure the true performance of a campaign and report it to your clients. Learn more

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Software

ActiveDEMAND’s email marketing capabilities help you deliver marketing communication initiatives for your clients. Easily segment lists and create personalized messages for maximum results.

Responsive Landing Pages

Landing Page Software

Landing pages are key to online campaign conversions. Drive new contacts and leads for your clients with built-in landing pages. Easily drop-in forms and customize them to collect the exact information your client needs.

Online Form Capture

Automated Reporting

Are you spending valuable time and resources doing this:”Screenshot-Copy-Paste” every month? ActiveDEMAND includes automated, consolidated reporting that brings all of your client data into a branded reporting system!


Increase Opportunities for Client Retainers

ActiveDEMAND white label marketing automation helps create a strategic relationship with your clients. ActiveDEMAND integrates seamlessly and easily into client websites to collect contacts activity and history which is used to turn website visitors into sales ready leads.

Marketing Templates


ActiveDEMAND includes email & landing pages that automatically inherit the brand you set-up for your clients. Quickly & easily create professional looking online assets.

Nurture Campaigns

Nurture Campaigns

Set-up nurture campaigns and let ActiveDEMAND automatically market to your client’s contacts based on their interests. It’s all done with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

For your clients with longer sales cycles or more complex sales, the built-in ActiveDEMAND lead scoring enables you to define what constitutes a lead. Leads are then automatically delivered to your client with your branding.

Telephone Tracking

Deliver Sales-Ready Leads

Do more than just deliver a monthly report to your clients. Keep you and your brand in front of them all month long. ActiveDEMAND sends out lead notifications in real-time with your name on them.


Credit Where Credit is Due

Online Marketing Dashboards

Once you start using ActiveDEMAND to help manage your client’s marketing initiatives, your clients won’t think of looking for another agency. ActiveDEMAND ensures you stand out from the competition.

Prove your results

Prove Your Results

ActiveDEMAND makes marketing agencies look good. The automatic capture of campaign performance metrics enables you to demonstrate to your clients the impact you have on their business.

Agency Level Reporting

Agency Level Reporting

Preparing monthly client reports are time consuming. Not with ActiveDEMAND. Use drag-and-drop widgets to create report templates once and use them on a regular basis.

Deliver Leads

Deliver Leads

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform which means it is able to track and monitor contacts. When client contacts become sales ready, leads are automatically sent to clients on your behalf.

Full Funnel Engagement

Full Funnel Engagement

Agencies that help clients with customer retention will appreciate ActiveDEMAND’s ability to market to existing customers. Keep your client’s brand top-of-mind throughout the buying journey.

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Expand and Grow

ActiveDEMAND is a scalable solution. Both small and large agencies appreciate the flexibility of ActiveDEMAND to accommodate each of their clients and easily scale as business grows.

Optimized Cross-Channel Execution

Optimized Cross-Channel Execution

If you’re managing multiple applications today to execute campaigns, you’ll appreciate ActiveDEMAND for its ability to create, manage and execute campaigns using multiple channels. Do away with multiple applications and use the ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing platform.

Scalable Marketing Automation

Designed to Grow With You

With ActiveDEMAND white label marketing automation you automatically get access to all features of the integrated marketing platform. Don’t be fooled by ActiveDEMAND’s ease of use. More sophisticated agencies will appreciate many of the advanced features including AB split testing, custom responsive landing page builder, advanced work flows and more.


Simplify Your Marketing Stack


Are you using and paying for a multitude of marketing tools? ActiveDEMAND is a full stack marketing solution.

Stop Juggling Software

Stop Juggling Marketing Software, Start Marketing Today!


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Free Marketing Agency Automation Training

Most other marketing automation platforms will charge you a premium if you require training to get up and running. Not ActiveDEMAND. When you register for an ActiveDEMAND agency subscription all the training and support you need is included.

ActiveDEMAND Support Portal

Support Portal

Our support portal is chock-full of helpful knowledgeable articles and videos. – 24/7/365

Support via Email

Support via Email

If you’re preferred choice of communication is email, we’re here for you. Our support and training department is always willing to help.

Support via Telephone

Telephone Support

Sometimes speaking directly with a training specialist is the most effective way to get something done. We get it. Our phone lines are open.

Web session support

Web Session Support

For more advanced training, free online web sessions are available where we’ll step you through what you need to know.

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The ActiveDEMAND Marketing Stack is Feature Rich

predictive send

No longer do marketers need to struggle with the question of what day and time to execute an email campaign. ActiveDEMAND Predictive Send takes the guesswork out of email delivery times and automatically optimizes the process for the best results. What’s more, Predictive Send increases the open rate, click-through rate and conversion rate.

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A/B Testing

Optimize your email campaigns using ActiveDEMAND A/B testing features. With A/B testing you'll test different versions of your email campaign. It may be as something as simple as a subject line, an image, body copy or something else. Create multiple versions and let ActiveDEMAND tell you which one performs the best.

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Advanced Goal Setting

ActiveDEMAND Advanced Campaign Goals allows you to set goals that fit you. Track whether your marketing campaigns are succeeding in attracting prospects and generating leads. Marketing objectives define what you want to accomplish through your marketing activities. ActiveDEMAND makes setting and measuring goals simple.

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campaign variables

ActiveDEMAND’s Visitor Timeline provides cross-channel marketing attribution across display, social, paid search, phone calls, email and more. The ability to see a visitor's entire path through your website, social posts and phone calls brings a whole new level of visibility into marketing analytics.

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appointment scheduling

ActiveDEMAND is a full featured appointment scheduling software package. Link to your calendars, drive leads ... book an appointment is truly the new contact us form!

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VOIP Phone

Automated Calling, despite all of its negative connotations, is an effective way to communicate when done right and that is where ActiveDEMAND comes in. With automated calling you can communicate the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Automated DNI Pool Analysis

DNI, also known as Dynamic Number Insertion, is the best way to track a websites ability to generate lead quality phone calls. ActiveDEMAND takes the guesswork out of knowing how many phone numbers you need to include in your DNI pool. Using proprietary algorithms, ActiveDEMAND will determine the optimal amount of call tracking numbers. Don’t overspend on numbers you don’t need.

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CallForensics™ takes the already robust ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking platform to the next level. Unlike other call tracking solutions that just count calls, ActiveDEMAND CallForensics™ analyzes conversations that happen on the call. The enhanced call tracking conversation analysis capabilities automate the process of categorizing and scoring calls based on the purpose of the call, what was discussed during the call, and what products and next steps were discussed during the call.

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Behavioral Segmentation Software

ActiveDEMAND behavioral segmentation helps allows you to better target your prospects with the right contextual message. With behavioral segmentation you’ll see a lift in conversions which means you’re getting more from your existing traffic. Behavior based segmentation has never been easier!

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brand strategy

Consistency in your marketing communications whether it be email campaigns, landing pages, webinar, social media posts, or others mediums, is key to building a strong brand. ActiveDEMAND’s brand manager makes it easy.

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Calendar Event Integration

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While the process of recording and listening to recorded incoming telephone calls is not new, with ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking, recording incoming phone calls doesn’t get any easier. Simply check the “record incoming calls” and you’re all set. In an instant you are set up to record calls – improving you communication with clients and staff.

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With ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking you will see exactly what incoming calls are occurring as a result of your marketing campaigns. Track calls from any campaign; PPC, SEO, social media, display, ad media and even offline advertising. ActiveDEMAND makes it easy set-up a tracked number for any campaign.

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Call Tracking Analytics

With call tracking analytics, agencies can white label client reports that provide call tracking details including leads generated from a specific campaign, calls broken down by region, department, and sales person as well as full attribution reporting. ActiveDEMAND shows you exactly what is working and where to improve.

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call tracking with google analytics

While it’s still considered the most popular analytics tool, Google Analytics does not automatically collect and analyze telephone calls associated with a specific marketing campaign. To evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing initiative, it’s vital to encompass call tracking information... that's where ActiveDEMAND comes in to play. With ActiveDEMAND call tracking when a number associated with a marketing campaign is dialed the data is automatically recorded in Google Analytics.

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Get customer behavior insights beyond simple clicks with campaign and keyword level call tracking. Get the advantage on competitors by attributing inbound calls back to specific keywords, Pay-Per-Click ads, and web pages to their marketing source.

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campaign variables

ActiveDEMAND fully-customizable campaign variables personalize one-to-one customer conversation and create better opportunities for conversion and greater customer retention.

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Campaign Management

With ActiveDEMAND Campaign Management, access and edit email campaigns, landing pages, social media, pay per click ads, call tracking, real-time reporting, and more – all within one robust tool.

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campaign templates

Online campaigns can be complicated with extensive workflows. Building these complex campaigns can eat up large amounts of time. Streamline your workflow with ActiveDEMAND campaign templates that will automatically update to the brand and personalize to each new campaign.

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ActiveDEMAND’s integration with Clearbit Enrichment allows you to update any ActiveDEMAND email contact with over 85 additional actionable data points. ActiveDEMAND’s real-time segmentation and dynamic personalization features fueled by Clearbit data intelligence is a powerful marketing combination.