Writing timely, effective letters to capture audiences

Capture Audience Attention with Timely and Effective Emails

Email marketing is a crucial tool for those who want to create an adequate B2B marketing strategy. Additionally, the timeliness of the information is important, says Richard Jones, writing for Experian, a data quality company. This is the same as when a company wants to compete in content marketing. Having something new on a blog every couple of days is important, and it’s equally crucial to send out regular emails to your subscribers. The content should effectively coincide with the information being sent out through other channels, such as blog articles, social media, and the website itself.

Writing the timely letter
Notes from companies should always include information that has more to do with the industry than with your own business. This is because you want to hook people with something they would read whether or not they want to buy your product. As a result, keeping up with the latest news is crucial. If you’re a business supplies technology firm in the solar industry, then write about that on your blog and send pieces of the blog to subscribers. People will see the content and either click to read from your website or continue skimming through the newsletter to see if any more relevant information pops up. Do this as often as you think necessary, but try to keep the schedule regular.

Mark Hayes from Business 2 Community once quoted James Stewart, who said “Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.” This is at the core of email marketing. You want your customers to gain something from the email aside from information about your product. This will also help get people to forward your email, which could attract new customers, as Hayes points out. One way of doing this is using emotions. People tend to forward things when they have an emotional investment.

Remember that your audience might have different needs at certain times of the year.  If you sell a product that varies depending on what environment it runs in, then emphasize the changes that happen in the weather. Most B2B sales vary based on the fiscal quarters, so it may not be appropriate to do holiday-themed emails, but finding a way to send out more information during times when you know people will start buying soon might be a good idea. Even without a particular consumer market, don’t be afraid to send holiday greetings. But obviously one can’t expect sales to pick up during the winter season unless that is particular to an industry.

Taking advantage of automation

By using affordable online marketing software, a company can safely apply technology to send out very specific emails based on particular personas. With a website that has the right kind of advertising software, you can directly connect the email to the persona by looking at what someone has been viewing on the website and in the emails. This means that if companies want to earn more customers, they may want to ratchet up the specificity. Certain blog posts would therefore go to particular people, which would vary depending on the interest level.

Emily Konouchi, writing in MarketingProfs, explained that email messages triggered through automation have a 70.5 percent higher chance of being clicked on than an email sent through a more traditional methodology. As such, don’t hesitate to construct emails that take the form of a conversation. Don’t overwhelm the reader with too many emails at once, but having a program in place that sends out the next email with information about a specific topic will generate results.

Choosing the right topic
Konouchi goes on to add that choosing the right subject for the email, not only in the subject line but for the topics of the email itself, is very important. You want to choose something interesting that will draw people to the email like a magnet. Don’t be afraid to make your headline a little bit of a teaser because this will encourage people to click on the letter.

Additionally, choose topics you know will be relevant and exciting to the typical buyer personas your company deals with. This way, you can avoid boring readers and losing email subscribers.

In fact, when topics become interesting enough to make you a thought leader, you will actually be generating new subscribers based on your blog, social media content, and forwarded emails. As such, you will want to present a welcoming face to new subscribers. Konouchi recommends putting together a series of emails designed to welcome the reader into the world you are creating through your email bulletins. The chain of emails should be short, giving the reader a basic introduction to your brand, along with your central messages.

Don’t forget the key to successful email marketing is to keep sending emails. As long as you can find relevant content, don’t be afraid to be sending things out weekly or monthly.