The Benefits of Call Tracking Analytics for Marketing Agencies

If you’re reading this as a marketing professional responsible for representing one or more clients, it’s your job to make sure those clients’ brands stand out from the crowd. Believe us, we understand – with the myriad of challenges facing marketers today in this evolving-in-a-heartbeat world, this is no easy feat. Indeed, the number of channels you must utilize and monitor on a daily basis is enough to make your head spin…email, social media, online advertising, PPC, SEO, content marketing, and offline marketing are only the tip of the iceberg.

Have you been struggling to gain a competitive advantage amidst other marketing agencies serving your demographic? Many agencies are now realizing the advantages of working with call tracking analytics in order to deliver greater value to their clients…and perhaps you should, too.

Why should you consider adding call-based marketing automation to your service list?

1. To Prove Your Worth – We understand you feel the service you provide is invaluable to your clients…but it’s likely taking a huge chunk out of their marketing budget. What’s worse, another agency is chomping at the bit to undercut your prices. The best way to retain your clients is to show them just how your agency is contributing to the company’s bottom line, as well as how effective your service is. Of course, if you’re using traditional methods of campaign tracking, this is easier said than done. Did you know that only five percent of all U.S. retail sales occur via online-only channels? Given this, if a sale is completed offline – by phone, for instance – who takes credit for the sale?

As an agency, you can use call-based marketing analytics technology to ensure you are credited for each sale you enable, both online and offline.

2. To Enhance Your Service – One way to differentiate your agency is to provide call tracking analytics as an integral part of the packages you offer. This approach demonstrates the importance of a ‘holistic’ view of your marketing strategy and highlights the overall impact of your campaign activity, proving even to prospective clients that you are willing to perform the legwork of tracking results.

3. To Increase Your Revenue – By up-selling additional services such as call tracking analytics, you are providing your clients the peace of mind that comes with using an agency they already trust and know to receive an additional service they need. This shows clients that you are:

  • Willing to provide services that prove whether your campaigns are generating leads and producing sales.
  • An expert in creating and monitoring digital marketing campaigns while also generating more revenue.

The bottom line is this: Not only will call tracking technology benefit your clients, but it’s also an invaluable internal tool for your agency to take advantage of.