Why Marketers Shouldn’t Let Bureaucracy Stop Them From Implementing Call Tracking

Loathe it or believe in it, corporate bureaucracies are unavoidable. Companies – especially large ones – move like giant ships, which is to say hard to turn, difficult to steer and even more challenging to manage. Believe it or not, smaller entities such as less formidable marketing agencies aren’t immune to corporate strangleholds; if you’re a marketer and you’re reading this, you know how difficult it can be to get your superiors to see something your way…even though you completely believe it’s in the best interest of your clients. What’s worse is when corporate bureaucracies impede call tracking software implementation and other programs deemed essential.

Everyone knows what it feels like to have to pinch pennies and cut corners, especially in a somewhat rocky economy – checks and balances are critical, and marketing analytics decisions are big ones to make. Marketers want to be sure they’re gathering all the data they require, and want to ensure a tool such as call tracking is a perfect fit. But we have to think logically about all this…implementing call tracking shouldn’t be like choosing a spouse or finding a job. It’s a major decision, yes, but it shouldn’t take YEARS to put into action.

A Typical Bureaucratic Failure

Imagine, for a moment, the manager of your marketing agency wants to implement a call tracking solution, and wants to begin to gather call analytics data immediately. Your superiors realize they are likely losing revenue because the reps aren’t tracking clients’ calls effectively, and they also recognize that they are likely failing to measure ROI (Return on Investment). Or, if your agency is using call tracking, perhaps its reps recognize the system they’ve been using has some rather substantial shortcomings.

At any rate, every day without call tracking implementation amounts in MONEY BEING LOST.

Most marketers may wish to move forward as quickly as possible, but the inevitable bureaucracy rears its ugly head: Other departments have to get involved, they want to talk to someone in IT about telephony, they need to discuss this with other department heads and consultants…but the problem is, sometimes this takes too much time.

Inevitably, every person in the agency doesn’t view call tracking as a high priority project, and months later nothing has happened. Meanwhile, the firm is still losing money while languishing on a third-rate call tracking solution.

Every single representative at every single marketing company has to fight to cut through the corporate bureaucracy. Essential programs, processes and products are being slowed because of the muddied waters created by this bureaucracy…and you know what happens when there’s too much bureaucracy?

You guessed it – nothing.