Why Call Tracking Numbers Can Help You Gain Powerful Lead Intelligence

Prior to the digital marketing age, long before SEO and PPC, calls were the traditional way of getting in touch with customers. Call centers were housed with reps scrambling to make a lead and pushed to make a sale. It was the golden age of telemarketing; the modern gateway to the customer. However, what was even more exhilarating than getting a customer to say ‘Yes, I am interested’, was actually receiving a call from that customer. For the sales rep, it was a heart-pounding experience and an unusual way to acquire a lead.

Today, marketing agencies know the value of an inbound call because a call still remains to be the most lucrative type of lead. These are the kind of leads that sales teams want to receive more than anything else.

Playing by the Numbers

Try this on for size: There were 30 billion inbound sales calls made to U.S. businesses in 2013 and with the continuing surge in smartphones and mobile device adoption, that number is expected to reach 73 billion by 2018, according to BIA/Kelsey. What these figures demonstrate is that being able to track exactly what campaigns are driving those calls is absolutely critical. Without this data, there is simply no way to understand how to optimize campaigns, content, and marketing ROI.

It has become more valuable than ever to understand the nature of the call – where it came from, what number the call was made from and the name and address of the caller. In other words – acquiring top to bottom intelligence on a call has become a key part of a successful marketing strategy. Call tracking numbers is that technology that takes the guesswork out, and puts the science back into the inbound calling process. It is that technology that strengthens the agency/client relationship because it provides valuable insight on each call.

The Role of Mobile Marketing

With the advent of mobile marketing, inbound calls have become an even more important part of the marketing process. Mobile devices are driving billions of calls per year from consumers to businesses. Figures are staggering when it comes to inbound calling and mobile devices. Marketing agencies simply cannot afford to be in the dark about what drives these calls.

Today’s modern marketer needs to deliver call intelligence to really capture what happens on call so that sales teams can have meaningful and truly engaging conversations. Call tracking provides data that can prove ROI. With improved lead quality and stronger, more refined conversations, call tracking numbers is simply part of the inbound marketing strategy for today’s top performers. How are you measuring your results when it comes to inbound calls? Are you providing lead intelligence to your sales team or are you struggling to make that critical call count?