Webinars Offer Agencies So Much More Than Just Lead Generation

Webinars are good for lead generation. In addition to being good for agencies, they are good for their clients. Not only are they an ideal lead generation tool, they create many marketable assets: the live event itself, the recorded webcast, possible follow-up eBook or blog post, etc. Webinars showcase what an agency or their client can do while providing value to the attendees, plus they boast a wide geographical reach.

Webinars are particularly useful to marketing agencies. They are authority building, showing prospects what can be done for them and demonstrating to clients what the agency is accomplishing. It is typically high-interest/engaged prospects who are attracted by this tactic, and agencies can provide webinars as an added service to their clients.

Some marketers might think webinars require too much effort for the results, but the payoff can be huge (and automation can greatly simplify execution). For some marketing agencies, webinars have become their most powerful marketing channel, surpassing, at times, their blogs, eCourses and even eBooks.

Fun Fact: According to the Content Marketing Institute, 62-percent of B2B marketers actually use webinars to prospect or nurture leads, and that number is continuing to grow.

Bring-In High Quality Leads

In our experience, webinars have shown to be the most cost-efficient marketing tool to bring in high-quality leads. Ideally, webinars provide information to viewers they can use, representing genuine content marketing. This offers data that can help make audiences’ lives better, easier or more engaging. In return, they’ll get to know your clients’ brand. Additionally, with relevant, helpful, and consistent content, prospects will ultimately view your brand as an authority in the space.

Benefits for Your Clients

The benefits of including webinars in your clients’ marketing plans have been proven and recognized. Hosting webinars gives you the opportunity to build events around ideas and information from your clients’ companies. This process establishes them as thought leaders, differentiates from the competition, and createa positive awareness about their products and services.

Here’s how webinars help agencies demonstrate value to clients:

Organizers and presenters within the agency who handle the webinar can incorporate question and answer sessions and polls into the webinars to get interested prospects involved during the sessions. Participation and results from these sessions measure engagement and message resonance (how well the message influences who’s watching). Throughout an event, hosts track engagement metrics and key performance indicators with answers to poll questions and participant interactions (including status and chat updates) to arrive at an overall participant-engagement score.

Fun Fact: The people who register to attend webinars, and then attend them, are more likely to be highly-qualified buyers. Think of it this way: Clearly people attending a 30-minute webinar are highly motivated and looking to educate themselves while listening to your “story.”

By offering webinars as an added service of your agency, you’ll have a highly effective marketing and sales tool for client utilization in every level of the sales process.

Webinars are a great way for your clients to generate new leads and move their prospects through their funnel. Marketing Automation platforms such as ActiveDEMAND reduce the time and effort required to execute webinars by automating redundant tasks. By using a platform such as ActiveDEMAND, you can automate nearly everything ahead of time, because ActiveDEMAND helps agencies promote and execute webinars with little effort.