What’s New in the World of Call Tracking

By now, you should know why call tracking matters to marketing agencies – it’s been determined that more searchers of the internet call a company than actually visit their website. To track and understand these conversions, call tracking is essential for local businesses and should be an essential service offered by the most marketing-savvy digital agencies. Using a combination of ad networks, paid search solutions, advanced analytics technologies and a team of leading “data scientists,” today’s digital marketing agencies provide deep insights into call conversions and analytics.

What’s more, these agencies’ call tracking solutions enable their clients to see which channels an ad campaign hit, how many consumers were reached, who made a phone call and what happened on that call so that they can maximize the value of their ad campaigns. Here’s some of the exciting stuff that’s been the talk of the call tracking town as of late among recognized marketing agents:

Call DNA

Traditionally, marketing agencies taking advantage of call tracking technologies record calls and share call recordings with their clients so that they can listen in on calls and analyze them – instantaneously. While this isn’t efficient for large-scale companies, it works just fine for small-to-medium-sized agencies and their clients; this makes total sense: When large companies and their marketing agencies see 100,000 phone calls a month, listening to all of them manually is not a fun process.

Pattern Matching

Often, advertisers (i.e. clients of marketing agencies) pay per qualified call when running a call marketing campaign – but calls are judged as qualified based on their length. A powerful call tracking platform looks at the call and judges whether it was an authentic and worthwhile conversion, excluding elements such as hang-ups, telemarketers and people who remain on hold only to hang up after long wait times. Using pattern matching, the marketer can tell, based on signaling, if a conversation is between two people or more, if it was a wrong number, etc.

You Can Thank the Smartphone: Improving Marketing ROI with Call Tracking Software

Thanks to the rise in smartphone adoption and the mobile search craze, U.S. businesses are seeing billions of sales calls each month – and those calls convert to revenue at a rate 10 times that of web leads. This is why leading marketing agencies are relying on call tracking software to pinpoint which ads, search keywords, content and campaigns are generating this revenue, these opportunities and these phone calls…and which aren’t. In so doing, they’re also making improvements to maximize Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Advanced call tracking goes beyond call attribution to obtain detailed information on every call and caller, including geographic location, web content viewed and more. Perhaps best of all, this approach does it for less, with smart dynamic number insertion technology requiring up to 50-percent fewer phone numbers for tracking online and mobile sources.

Can you afford to ignore the magnetic draw of call tracking any longer?