What Marketing Influencers are Saying About Call Tracking

What textbooks can’t teach you marketing gurus and influencers make up for by providing real-life insights, perspectives and experiences. Indeed, marketing movers and shakers have been there, done that and are willing to share their success stories, acting as an avenue through which they can suggest the best marketing practices, tips and trends. This article you’re now reading aims to explore the various aspects of call tracking from the perspective of influencers in the marketing sector, many of which have often shared their knowledge and expertise.

Track It or Lose It: Influencers Say Calls are the New Clicks

We find ourselves living in an era wherein smartphones never leave our side, and though it’s standard practice for businesses to measure their online effectiveness, what’s often missing in this equation is understanding the customer’s thought processes – before, during and after they make a phone call based on having searched for an online product or service. Marketing influencers understand that, within a customer’s journey, businesses need to be able to connect the various “dots” while interpreting the search initiatives that prompted them to MAKE the call in the first place. Call tracking allows businesses to do just that, through the ability to track call-based revenue back to search ads and keywords and thus allowing marketers to optimize the ROI on their marketing activity.

Here’s what many marketing influencers say is most important when agencies delve into the world of call tracking:

  • Learn how to track phone leads back to the source
  • Spend money on campaigns that work
  • Unlock the full potential and power of multi-touch attribution
  • Have the power to discover your most effective webpages
  • Boost the performance of your sales consultants or call center

Additionally, most marketing influencers would agree that calls coming from paid search campaigns often go untracked, which greatly undervalues the impact PPC is having on leads and conversions. Without call tracking data, marketers are being left without information about which keywords, ads and landing pages are the main drivers of calls, and this in turn leads to uneducated decisions with regard to PPC strategy. Without effective call tracking, experts agree, marketers are likely to lose a huge chunk of phone call conversions because they simply don’t know where to focus their time and resources; in other words, they can’t plug more budget into the keywords that drive the most calls if they don’t know which keywords they are.

How do you know if it’s worth the effort? Are phone calls actually that critical to your business model? A bevy of top marketing influencers say that if you fall into one of the industries below, the answer to the latter question is most definitely YES:

The 10 Industries that MUST Track Phone Calls

  1. Home Services
  2. Dental & Cosmetic Surgery
  3. Legal
  4. Real Estate
  5. Hotels & Travel
  6. SaaS
  7. IT
  8. Education
  9. Automotive
  10. Mortgage/Loans

What are you waiting for? Start tracking calls today to become the ring leader of your clients’ industries.