Why Your Website Isn’t a Business Generator

Maximize your ROI for your online marketing investment.

You invested in a website. You have pictures of happy people succeeding plastered on every page. Your products are all listed with nice statements. Yet when you crunch the numbers you come to the conclusion, that your website is not driving your business. Here are 5 reasons that highlight the problems you currently face with your online strategy.

1. Your Website is Difficult to Find

How do people find your website? If the intent of your website is to drive new business ideally your website can be found by people who are not explicitly searching for your company name. The reality is, that your website is not ranking at the top of all Search Engine Results Pages for the key terms your customers are searching for when they are finding your competitors. Having a well-executed Search Engine Optimization strategy will help prospects find your business before your competitors.

2. Your website is doing a poor job of converting visitors to prospects

Those visitors that stumble upon your website are not engaging with your business. This is a conversion optimization problem! Most likely you have content on your website that is valuable to your visitors … and you are giving it away for free. It may be the case that the friction is too high for the visitor to truly engage with your business. Conversion Optimization is a continual process that requires effort to get right.

3. You do not have a marketing plan that outlines what role your website plays in driving your business.

If you are not planning, you are not planning to succeed. A well-written goal-based marketing plan that includes clear deliverables for your online investment is a critical step in converting your website into a key business driver.

4. Your domain name is unmemorable and too long

How good are you at remembering phone numbers? The longer the number the more difficult it is to remember. If your domain name is ridiculously hard to remember you are increasing the friction for people to go and visit your website. If your domain name is too difficult to remember or type accurately, again you are making it difficult for your prospects to go visit your website. Who cares if you named your company something that made your first in the YellowPages, pick a domain name that is easy to remember, easy to type, and aligned with your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

5. The content is of little use for your target audience

Bounce rate. Average Visit Duration. Pages Per Visit. If you listen, all of these Key Performance Indicators will be telling you that your site content is of little use to your target audience. You will hear this over and over again: Content is King. You need to actively develop content that provides value to your customers. The visitors will love it, the search engines will love it, and you will love the impact it has on your business.

Bonus Tip

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