Why You Should be Using Exit Intent Popups

Savvy marketers and marketing agencies understand the usefulness of the exit-intent popup. The concept isn’t complicated. It’s all about effectiveness. Personalization and automation, provide the data needed to contextualize a message. The result is control of how and when pop-ups display. But good marketing practices are the difference between engaging and annoying a prospect. As a marketer, it’s important to consider methods to deploy effective popups.

You Can Lead a Horse To Water…

Imagine the work put into engaging prospects to bring them to your website. They arrive, look around, and interact with your content giving all indications they will convert. But then, inexplicably, they leave!  This is where the Exit Intent Pop-Up is a great tool to pull from your marketer’s tool kit. Though popups have received a bad reputation over the years due to unscrupulous tactics used, exit popups, when executed correctly, are very effective tools to help move prospects through the marketing funnel.

If a prospect leaves your website without providing information, they are lost to the emptiness of the internet. They are a lost opportunity. Using Exit Intent Popups re-focuses the prospect on a goal or call-to-action, giving you another chance to get the conversion and prospect data. Some other benefits of the Exit Intent Pop-Up are:

  • Facilitates moving prospects through the marketing funnel
  • Tailor Exit Intent Popups to target any point in the marketing funnel (ie. Conversion for trial vs conversion for e-book)
  • Use information collected from conversions to nurture prospects with remarketing or promotional offers via email
  • Promotional offer Exit Intent Popups give that final incentive for the sale
  • Exit Intent Popups execution is only limited to your imagination and goals!

Using Exit Intent Popups

The ActiveDEMAND marketing automation platform takes popup to a whole different level while keeping it simple to manage and deploy. Marketers have total control over the popup conditions, animation, close conditions, and style and layout. Choose a template from the library if you don’t want to start from scratch. Completely editable templates are always easy to alter with ActiveDEMAND’s drag-and-drop interface. IT people are not needed, effectively saving time and eliminating frustration.  Easily create a series of pop-ups and specialize in personalization and multivariate testing. Popups are synced with the marketer’s database so content is dynamically personalized.  Contextualization is achieved by using web visit data such as referral sources or past history. Personalization and context-aware content create a conversation, and that’s awesome for conversions.

If you’re ready to “pop” your marketing efforts up, consider an ActiveDEMAND exit popup strategy.