The Benefits of Using ActiveDEMAND for Your Account Management

ActiveDEMAND is well geared for marketing agencies to use for their own marketing as well as for performing marketing services for their clients. With some new management features, it’s now a powerful way to manage accounts.

Prospect -> Client

Managing the journey from prospect to client inside ActiveDEMAND can bring a few interesting features.

Personalized marketing. Because ActiveDEMAND has strong personalization features, you can dynamically change your website to push prospects to specific case studies or testimonials that are most relevant to them. This is really useful for full-service agencies who want to show prospects how great they are at a specific service. So website prospects see website case studies, while SEO prospects see testimonials from happy SEO clients.

Easy sub-account creation. We recently added a new feature that makes it easy to create sub-accounts from orgs in your main ActiveDEMAND Agency account. This creates a new sub-account with all the basic account details already filled in for you. Of course, you can select your sub-account type and use a template to build the new account so onboarding a new client is FAST.

The “30,000-foot view”

Most marketing agencies use Google Sheets, Excel, or even whiteboards to manage clients at a high level: easily showing “who’s on the board”, and what stage they’re in. These high-level boards can be easily created inside ActiveDEMAND: organizing clients by onboarding stage, service type, retainer value, or whatever you want. There are many options for organizing your clients.

Client Account Management by onboarding stage

This view splits accounts up by service type

For agencies that have a lot of web build projects, we can show high-level details like this.

If you have standard productized service levels, you can organize clients that way too

Diving into the Details

If you’re like most agencies, you perform a weekly or biweekly account management pulse meeting where you review active accounts. You need to zip between accounts, giving high-level direction that account managers and others can execute against. From the 30,000-foot view that we had above, you can quickly edit accounts to:

  • See more details on the account
  • Access account notes stream, take notes, see what open tasks are to do, add new tasks
  • See any deals relating to the account (these can be synchronized from your CRM)
  • Access any employees of the account

ActiveDEMAND task interface

Edit Deals in ActiveDEMAND

This makes it easy to keep account managers accountable: you can keep notes on what direction was given in your account management review meetings, assign tasks, and check up on progress quickly and easily.

See Recent Activity

If you’ve got ActiveDEMAND integrated with your CRM, you can check recent activity right inside that same Account quick edit screen. That’s super useful if you need to:

  • Check if the account manager sent the email you asked them to
  • See if there were any last-minute emails or calls with the client
  • Get up to speed on an account when the account manager is temporarily or permanently out of the office

Does this replace my project management software?

Not really. Project management systems include far more robust management features that make it easy to manage billable hours, chart out tasks and dependencies, and manage more complex projects. We’d also recommend you still leave complex web builds on your PM platform.

The ActiveDEMAND system of account management is perfect for high-level account overview, account managers and their tasks, as well as for basic tasking and milestone management. Some agencies will not require project management software and will get by just fine with this system.

High-level visibility and control of accounts

There are many ways for agencies to keep track of their accounts but it shouldn’t be cumbersome to manage or difficult to update. With ActiveDEMAND you can easily add new client accounts and update and manage them all from one interface. Integrate your CRM with ActiveDEMAND, and quickly review recent activity in the account. Now you have your accounts and client data all in one easy-to-access and update location.