Two Call Tracking Trends to Keep an Eye On

Though the concept of call tracking has permeated many marketing tactics by now, there are always new developments. What’s more, if you, as a marketer, don’t stay on top of them, your campaigns may not perform as well as you – and your clients – expect them to. Into this equation has come technology, which is accelerating the pace of changes in the marketing world, and I have two call tracking trends I’d like to tell you about, and which you should pay attention to if you’re looking for better campaign results.

Keyword-Level Call Tracking

Here’s a big selling point for call tracking – Google Analytics and AdWords do not offer this capability. And while these tools may boast many powerful features, they can’t tell you which keywords are driving the most phone calls. Call tracking solutions can. Not only that, but call tracking software helps you optimize your ad copy and definitively pin down the lead source. Imagine that! If you’re trying to find your most effective marketing channels, call tracking can provide this information. We understand that PPC (Pay-Per-Click) spending is set to increase, but ROI (Return on Investment) data can be inaccurate without call tracking data.

Further, more people are using their mobile devices to conduct searches on the go than ever before, making phone leads an even more valuable source. But as a marketer, there’s no need to be alarmed: Dynamic call tracking doesn’t interrupt your other SEO campaigns because search engines don’t index the rich snippet, where the tracking phone number is entered.

Local Search

Here’s how it once began: People looked to the Yellow Pages to find phone numbers, and then came the ability to “Google” the information on a search engine. Now, mobile devices such as Smartphones have redefined how consumers interact with companies yet again, as they can look up information about a business from wherever they are. Subsequently, search engines have evolved along with our phones and now display local options when folks search for a business from a Smartphone; but it isn’t just about helping local customers find your clients’ business: They have to be compelled to click an ad and visit the business location, and reviews are a major influence in the local search game.

You see, call tracking can help your clients get better results from local search, notably because their customers may be more motivated to click to call the retailer as opposed to trying to navigate a website to find what they need.

New marketing channels are emerging all the time, and there’s always a chance that unique applications for call tracking will be discovered in the future. But right now, perhaps you should be wondering why you’re not using call tracking to its full potential.