ActiveDEMAND Tracks and Exposes Unanswered Calls

Marketing goes through a lot of trouble to get new business in the door but what happens if sales don’t answer the phone? ActiveDEMAND now tracks and exposes unanswered calls that are costing you money. You can see these missed calls via a single stat that you can watch over time or as a table of incoming calls that were not answered. These can be added to a dashboard or sent as a daily/weekly scheduled email.

You could choose to have a salesperson call these people back and you can use it to see which salespeople are slacking. This is key for businesses like:

  • Law firms
  • Optometrists
  • Marketing Agencies
  • B2B distributors and manufacturers
  • And so many more

Incoming phone calls are still a significant source of leads for many businesses. Start tracking whether you’re losing deals by not answering the phone.

ActiveDEMAND unanswered calls report