Using Conversation Tracking Does More than Track the Call

How digital agencies are delivering more value

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: Call tracking in the world of marketing isn’t a brand-spanking-new concept – but what is ALWAYS new, of course, is the constant evolution of technology. While call tracking may seem relatively simple when taken at literal face value (that is, tracking calls), the role the tactic plays in understanding the performance of a marketing campaign has evolved aggressively. Tracking the number of incoming calls a campaign yields can be considered one measurable metric while tracking the calls’ CONVERSATIONS is quite another…one that delivers a lot of value in a number of different ways.

Best-in-class marketing agencies looking for a competitive edge – while delivering more value to their clients – have been looking to conversation tracking in addition to standard call tracking protocols.

What is conversation tracking, exactly?

Conversation tracking takes the context of a call and determines what value the call has for a given business. For example: When a marketing campaign that includes a phone number is launched, conversation tracking can actually determine how many of the calls associated with the campaign are true leads/business opportunities as opposed to solicitors, unqualified leads, wrong numbers, or someone simply asking for a physical address.

Further, conversation tracking “listens” to the call and applies CONTEXT – for example, Conversation tracking can monitor for keywords such as “cost” or “demo” and combine this analysis with geographical information and call length to then assign a value to the call. The value can be determined on a scale from one to 100, for example, wherein the higher number represents a more valuable call.

Using conversation tracking in conjunction with campaign metrics helps digital marketing agencies identify more than just electronic leads, i.e. someone completing a call-to-action form fill on a website, they can also gain a clearer picture of a campaign’s performance. This data, in turn, is reported to clients as an indicator of increased value for their marketing dollar.

It can be challenging to figure out what tactic will yield the most conversions, but call tracking can definitely help cut through all the confusion. Whether it’s a small startup company looking to optimize search advertising or a multi-billion-dollar corporate entity seeking the most lucrative leads, call tracking provides unprecedented insight into the dollars spent on marketing campaigns.