Track Incoming Calls with Marketing Automation Cloud Solution

JumpDEMAND Inc. (JumpDEMAND), has announced in-coming telephone call integration into its marketing automation platform for small and medium sized businesses – ActiveDEMAND.

ActiveDEMAND is a Solution as a Service (SaaS) marketing automation platform for SMBs that enables them to manage their marketing funnel and bridge the gap between sales and marketing. The platform includes many standard online marketing functions including email and social media marketing, workflows, lead scoring and full reporting.

ActiveDEMAND now includes incoming telephone call tracking, scoring, reporting and spam control. For companies that have a multi-step marketing funnel and medium sales cycle, call tracking helps further qualify leads and provide more detailed reporting on contacts and accounts.

The ActiveDEMAND call tracking is also used in online marketing campaigns to help measure the effectiveness of a campaign and demonstrate ROI.

In addition to call tracking, calls can be recorded for training purposes. This has proven to be invaluable to sales teams bringing on new salespeople. By being able to review incoming product inquires, new salespeople can get up to speed more quickly generating revenue sooner.

“The ActiveDEMAND marketing automation platform is a tool to make marketers and sales teams more effective”, says Sean Leonard, CEO of JumpDEMAND. “Integrating incoming call tracking into our lead scoring algorithms means we can better qualify leads making sales teams more effective. It’s just one more way we provide value to our customers.”

About JumpDEMAND Inc.

JumpDEMAND is an “E-Marketing as a Service” provider for small and medium sized businesses. JumpDEMAND leverages advanced e-marketing strategies, automation technology, and sales management expertise to deliver their solutions. Unlike other marketing firms in this space that focus their efforts on traditional marketing techniques that are hard if not impossible to demonstrate returns, or alternatively provide tools instead of expertise, JumpDEMAND combines the use of revenue funnel automation technology and sales expertise to deliver measurable results. JumpDEMAND closes the sales and marketing gap by working closely with our customers to increase their ROI on marketing and sales expenditures through automation and measurement of the marketing and sales funnels.