Top Influencers & People to Watch – Volume 1

Even with the myriad of seemingly infinite data, information and stats one can find online, there’s still the burning question of who or what source to trust – sure, you can merely enter a keyword into Google and be rewarded with an absolute bombardment of “professional answers” to your query regarding pregnancy, garage doors or baking a cake, but each of them are going to undoubtedly offer a different viewpoint. The bottom line is that it’s getting increasingly more difficult to know which sources to trust in the virtual world, and this has grown to include Internet marketing representatives.

Below you will find entries belonging to “Volume 1” of our “Top Influencers and People to Watch within the marketing industry” blog series…and you can be sure that the individuals in these roundups are not only at the top of their game, but that they can be trusted when it comes to their opinions in marketing.

Brian Clark
Brian Clark
Based in Boulder, Colorado, Brian Clark is what we call in the industry a serial entrepreneur – an individual whose accomplishments reach far beyond the mere “few.” To his credit, Brian is the founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media, the entity behind not only the Rainmaker Platform but StudioPress and Synthesis, and has been intimately involved with the projects known as Further – a personal development newsletter – the New Rainmaker podcast for digital entrepreneurs and Unemployable, providing “smart strategies” for “solopreneurs” and freelancers.

It was the Copyblogger audience that acted as the catalyst for the multimillion-dollar tools and training company Brian heads today, yielding a success that’s made him one of the recognized pioneers of the $44 billion content marketing industry.

Chris Pirillo
Chris Pirillo
Involved in the content publishing industry since 1996, Chris Pirillo launched his first company shortly after attaining a degree in English Education with the goal of providing “practical technology knowledge” to millions. Dubbed LockerGnome, Chris’ business lead to pursuing an expertise in growling online communities, a decision that has served him well given the way the Internet culture has absolutely evolved and exploded. From hosting television programs, radio shows and conferences to driving businesses and entrepreneurs forward by providing insight and guidance, Chris is no stranger to media outlet engagement, helping others translate “geek” into a language everyone can understand.

Today, Chris’ website – aptly located at – advertises him as a “Geek Culture and Tech Expert,” announcing speaking engagements, consulting arrangements and coaching endeavors and brimming with an intelligence that further aids personal and corporate brands to better serve their existing or intended demographic audiences.

Danny Brown
Danny Brown
With a plethora of accomplishments under his professional belt – including manager of Social Engagement and Insights at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG); co-author of Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing; author of The Parables of Business; author of Why Simple Works; multiple award-winning marketer and blogger and one of Canada’s Top 50 Marketing Blog entities – Danny Brown has become a staple in the world of marketing blogging and social media, continuously focusing on where we’re headed in these areas. But what sets him apart from other dime-a-dozen bloggers claiming to do the same is the way in which he writes about what this all means to us humans – how we can tell better stories, be better businesspeople and live better lives.

As Danny himself puts it, “After all, business comes and goes…but we only get one shot at being good people – in life and in business.”

More information about this influential marketing guru can be found at

Seth Godin
Seth Godin
Seth Godin is the author of 18 books that have gone on to enjoy success as bestsellers around the world – while being translated into more than 35 languages – and which include Linchpin, Tribes, The Dip and Purple Cow, in addition to his latest What To Do When It’s Your Turn, already a bestseller. Seth writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way in which ideas are spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and, most importantly, “changing everything.”

Beyond writing and speaking at events, Seth is credited for being the founder of both Yoyodyne and Squidoo, and his blog has become one of the most popular in the world…a feat which recently inducted him into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame (one of three chosen for his honor in 2013).

Mr. Godin also recently turned the book publishing industry upside down with the launch of a series of four books via a Kickstarter campaign, reaching its goal after a mere three hours and becoming the most successful book project ever accomplished in this fashion.

Stay tuned for more volumes of ActiveDEMAND’s “Top Influencers and People to Watch” series of blogs, your go-to place for learning about the movers and shakers within the marketing industry.

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