Good Data and Tool Integration Essential to Personalization

ActiveDEMAND provides seamless tool integration with Clearbit providing enriched data

A big part of making your business profitable is your prospect and customer database. While using a broad marketing message is the first step, personalization is essential to extracting the maximum revenue out of your database. But personalization can’t happen until you collect vital data from your prospects and customers.

How Good Data Can Help You Grow Your Business

With good data, you create more personalized marketing campaigns for your prospects and customers. For example, if you’re selling to guitar enthusiasts, knowing what kind of guitar they play is vital to selling them the right products. One segment of your audience may play acoustic while another segment may play only electric. Use this data to segment your prospects and customers so each individual gets a personalized offer. Extend this beyond promotional campaigns. Deliver targeted content to build strong relationships with your audience.

Use other data like birthdays, sex, location and age for personalized campaigns. One-time birthday discounts are an effective email marketing campaign for generating revenue. People understand the discount is time sensitive, limited and specifically personalized to them.

How to Obtain the Data You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level

The challenge lies in getting the data needed to build advanced marketing campaigns. An easy first step is to use email campaigns to get your prospects and customers to submit additional data. Many CRM systems can add additional data to existing email subscribers but if that isn’t possible, create an incentive driven campaign to get them to submit the data you need.

Another way to gather relevant segmentation data is via a data enrichment service like Clearbit. Clearbit Enrichment collects advanced traffic data like IP addresses, web pages visited, location, social media profiles, and more. Add tags to your leads or traffic to score leads and get more in-depth knowledge about each visitor’s activities.

Seamless Integration of Data Collection and Marketing Execution

To fully use personalization information, it is vital to assign the data the right contact and organization. Having good integration between your marketing automation platform and data enrichment service will ensure your marketing campaigns are executing on the right information.

ActiveDEMAND provides seamless integration with Clearbit providing enriched data for contacts and organizations at the push of a button, and via bulk edits.

Verifying prospects and company fit before data enrichment is important, but so is the ability to leverage automation features to augment pre-validated prospects. That is why ActiveDEMAND also provides a Clearbit Enrichment widget to use in automation workflows such as a form submit auto-responders and lead processing workflows.

When a contact fills out their email on a web form, the Clearbit integration with ActiveDEMAND enables the website to adapt, in real-time, to provide a more personalized web browsing experience. Growing your business not only relies on gathering good data but the ability to use the information optimally.

Good data enables personalization which ensures marketers are getting the most value out of prospects, and the journey from prospect to customer. When collecting good data, it is necessary to fully invest in the process, use all the resources that are available to you, and ensure good integration between your tools – like ActiveDEMAND and Clearbit.