Want Your Email to be Opened? Time the send correctly.

Email marketing is not dead. It is alive and well, according to Didi Zheleva, who explains the majority of successful businesses use email marketing. The trick of it is to know what you’re doing. Sending email blasts doesn’t work anymore, and the companies that employ such a technique simply get shunted off to the spam folder. Instead of that, companies must rely upon timing and affordable online marketing solutions, which make the process automated, allowing for a much more subtle, personalized, and nuanced response.

What time of day works best for emails
Ayaz Naji, who writes for MarketingProfs, said that the best time to send an email is on a Monday, which has a 12 percent rate of being opened in the first half of the year, and a 12.9 percent chance of being opened in the second half of the year. The next best days are Friday and Tuesday. The worst days are Saturday and Sunday. This makes sense because people getting into the office on Monday are working their hardest, so they naturally spend time looking over emails for products that might help their company run more efficiently. On Fridays, the major affairs of the week are over, and people are more inclined to think about the next coming Monday, which means they once again have time to consider products and newsletters.

During the day, people are most likely to read their emails and click on newsletters in the mornings, around 8 o’clock when they come into the office.  It peaks between 10 and 12, after which the email viewing begins to taper off. The night is when emails are read the least.

Importantly, it was found that the shorter the subject line, the more likely people are going to be to read the letters. Four to 15 words in length tended to have the highest open rate.

Tying it back to the website
Websites with advertising software collect information about who is reading what. To tie this information back to an individual with an email address or a phone number, you first need someone to respond to a call to action. With a good phone tracking system, the phone number is automatically generated to be unique to each person, so when they call, it connects them back to the information they researched on the website, allowing salespeople to figure out how to sell something to someone. Additionally, once the information gets connected to a name and number, the info continues to aggregate along with the client’s repeat visits to the site, which begins to form the image of one of many buyer personas a company might have.

But how do you get people to respond to a call to action? There are some basic methods that tend to bring results, explains Aleksander Czyz in MarketingProfs. One thing that would help is to give the website a header. This is fairly basic advice, but many companies don’t know that it’s possible to have a header that automatically floats down as people navigate the site, so the calls to action are always visible. The best place to put the email call to action is in the top right corner.

If your website offers blog posts, then putting contact info at the end of each story is one method of drumming up interest. This is because people have just seen your brand in action – you have presented one aspect of your services, and people tend to see a quality blog post as indicative of a solid brand.

One final place to add information with a phone number, address, and an email subscriber box is the about page. This is the page where you describe your company – what it sells and its philosophy, along with where it is in Canada. It’s only natural that someone would expect it to be there.

Email marketing’s many benefits over more traditional devices
Unlike advertising in newspapers, email marketing is dynamic and responsive. And it works. According to Zheleva, citing statistics from I-B2B Technology Marketing Community, 85 percent of marketers cite email as the best source for Internet lead generation. Top-performing marketers called it the absolute best tool in an advertiser’s utility kit, Forrester explains.

For companies with an interest in gaining a local B2B audience, email marketing and advertisements that tie to a phone number are some of the best ways to advertise because they are more likely to appear when people do local searches. For example, long-tailed keywords that include place names can easily be found by someone searching for a specific product or service in a certain area. When connecting advertisements with a phone call, a person can judge the effectiveness of the campaign.

Additional benefits include the fact that it is so cheap. Once you buy the software and get it running, it is also user-friendly.