Get the Most Out of Your Drip Campaigns

Marketers need to consider the requirement of web tracking in drip campaigns. Simple email opens are not enough. Website engagement is a necessity in the evaluation of drip campaigns and we’re here to provide some insight into accomplishing that.

Marketing teams have been using this type of automated email, also known as autoresponders, lifecycle emails, behavioral emails, and lead nurturing campaigns, for years to obtain new users, fill the sales pipeline with qualified leads and build brand advocates. Today, thanks to the increased popularity of sales acceleration tools, sales reps, and other customer-oriented roles are also able to send their own highly-targeted drip campaigns. While similar to drip marketing, a sales drip campaign often differs in two key ways:

  • Highly tailored to each unique deal
  • Email replies are the success metric. Link clinks and email opens are secondary protocols

Looking at Drip Campaign Best Practices

Re-engagement drips are at the heart of engagement and how it relates to email drip campaigns. These emails are designed to get the attention of a customer who originally showed interest, but has ‘gone cold’.  Sometimes, consumers need a nudge towards making decisions or additional information to make a final judgment. These emails are the answer to that.

In creating engaging campaign approaches, consider:

  • Refer to the product the prospect originally viewed
  • Including similar products or services you offer
  • Keeping context in mind – are you offering a service that the client would mind others knowing about?
  • Including a call-to-action, links to the product that created interest, and your homepage

From a customer’s perspective, ask yourself this question: Which would I be more likely to engage with, an email that conveys the exact same information to everybody, or one that alters its content based on who’s viewing it? Most customers choose the latter. Moving beyond email opens as the metric to gauge an email campaign’s success, dynamic content presents viewers with personalized web and email experiences. The measurement of success now includes engagement with the personalized content and how it contributes to conversions and ROI.

One of the best and easiest ways to improve engagement rates is to iterate on what is working for you. Determine which links are receiving clicks to learn how content is resonating with your buyers. Then, optimize future campaigns with the data, reach out with related information, and stay up-to-date on buyers’ preferences.

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