The Role Call Tracking Plays in Sales Planning

Believe it or not, even in this day and age of mobile devices and communicating via Skype, the most important part of the sales process is still the sales call. A top caliber salesperson can gain a wealth of knowledge in a few minutes on the phone, which can take many hours to obtain from marketing processes – being able to save, sort and analyze this data provides invaluable input into creating and modifying your sales plan and sales forecasts. Into this foray have come integrated marketing automation platforms such as ActiveDEMAND, which offers a feature known as CallForensics and that takes the concept of call tracking – measuring every incoming call associated with a marketing campaign – to a dynamically new level.

Inherently different from other call tracking solutions that merely count calls, CallForensics, as its name implies, analyzes conversations that occur on the call. This capability for enhanced call tracking conversation analysis automates the task of scoring and categorizing calls based on the purpose of the call, what was discussed during it and what products and next steps may have been mentioned. How does this pertain to sales planning? By analyzing the conversation, a myriad of elements can be determined – for example: You can now know where a call originated, understand the context of the call, determine whether it was a wrong number, consider the possibility that it might be an opportunity and even segment it for further nurturing.

Imagine a marketing world where “bad” calls are filtered from your campaign’s metrics automatically…where wrong numbers, solicitors, robocalls and other irrelevant non-conversation calls are automatically removed from your stats. That’s what a system like CallForensics brings to the table in this modern marketing era, and you can bet that your marketing strategy will bring in more worthy sales leads with call tracking; after all, now you will harness the ability to follow the incoming call path and know exactly how it moves in through the sales funnel.

Let’s reiterate something we touched on in the very first sentence – studies show that over 40-percent of search-related conversations happen over the phone. How’s that for a valid statistic? There are many advantages to call tracking that build a solid marketing strategy which we’d like to leave you thinking about; the wealth of data and analysis possibilities from having access to a recording of your calls, important data such as the number, location and time of the call and other key information that helps sales and marketing teams to better understand where the most qualified leads are originating from.

There are a plethora of reasons why you should be using call tracking and a system such as CallForensics in a sales plan, and it’s not a frustrating set-up process or expensive.