The Impact of Call Tracking for Smart Marketers and Agencies

Turn the pages of Advertising Age and you may come across a statement such as this: “As site traffic slows, online marketers tighten their holiday budgets…” Really – all this doom and gloom that’s as routinely (and nauseatingly) predictable as a Kardashian’s workout selfie is enough to send some marketing folks running for the hills. But while you may have been hearing about the possible fall of online display advertising in favor of performance-based opportunities, the fact of the matter is digital marketing agencies can experience more business leads for their clients for less money – as well as a higher Return on Investment (ROI) – if their campaigns are executed properly.

As an industry – that is, digital marketing agencies – taking credit for the phone leads we generate is a huge win…we sign more clients and increase budgets by delivering more highly-qualified leads, and this includes phone calls. But that being said, it is one thing to make the phone ring, and quite another to track that call down to a lead source, keyword or both. Through the magic of call tracking, marketers and agencies can track inbound calls in response to both online and traditional advertising…essentially, call tracking is to the phone what web analytics is to the Internet.

Why should you add call tracking to your marketing services?

  • It’s Cost Effective and Easily Implemented – When a trackable number is called by a prospective customer, valuable data on the source of the lead, duration of the call, time of day, geographic location of the caller and even the outcome is collected; this is an easily-implemented process without any major up-front cost.
  • It Captures Data on Missed Calls and Generates Solid Return on Investment – Essentially, the question becomes “why let leads get away?” If a prospective customer calls after hours or hangs up before the call is answered, marketers can elect to receive an email detailing the caller’s information.
  • Phone Leads From Search Engine Marketing can be Tracked Down to the Keyword Level – Much like the efficacy of online advertising can be measured down to the keyword level, agencies using call tracking can assign unique phone numbers to different SEM campaigns, search engines, publishers and even paid (not organic) search – allowing marketers to measure and prove ROI for leads that result in a phone call.

Isn’t it time you got proper credit for driving phone-based leads? The opportunity is substantial, and smart marketers and agencies should take advantage of it to prove just how valuable they are.