Marketing automation gives tech lead generation a boost

Since business-to-business encompasses a wide range of industries, these sectors employ different methods of Internet lead generation.  A recent study from BtoB found marketers from technology companies utilize different strategies than non-tech brands. In “2013 Lead Generation: Optimum Techniques for Managing Lead-Generation Campaigns,” BtoB revealed tech marketers face higher costs per lead and experience longer sales cycles, so these organizations approach lead generation differently.

These companies are more likely to have extended lead nurturing campaigns, and webinars are a highly popular channel. Tech markers are also more likely to prefer leads to achieve a baseline score before they hand over their contact information to the sales team. Because of the longer sales cycle, these organizations invest in content marketing to boost their lead nurturing efforts and establish themselves as industry thought leaders.

Internet marketing methods impact tech lead generation

One of the most popular sources of content for tech marketers was product case studies. Comparatively, only 40 percent of non-tech companies thought this was an effective source of content.

Another major difference between these two sectors of the B2B industry was tech marketers’ emphasis on attracting qualified leads rather than a high number. Non-tech companies did not make lead qualification a top priority.  On the tech side of B2B, many companies were struggling with marketing and sales misalignment.

Marketing automation improves tech companies’ lead generation efforts

Since tech companies need to score leads before sending them to the sales team and the sales cycle is extensive, these organizations can benefit from an online marketing system that allows them to automatically move leads through the sales funnel. Marketing automation can increase the number of qualified leads while also reducing marketing and sales misalignment.