Successful call tracking and email marketing strategies

The best call tracking and email marketing strategies to be successful

Despite the huge number of businesses that are on the Internet, the truth is that when companies are offering niche services, they definitely can stand out by using a top-notch B2B marketing strategy. Whether a company offers tractor repair or a special type of computer software, it can draw exactly the right kind of customer to its website through targeted Internet lead generation. After potential clients find the site, they can sign up for a newsletter and also call your company. These are the two points where good Internet marketing methods become critical. For example, according to Lauren Cummins, writing in Business​ 2 Community, 52 percent of callers won’t phone back if they miss you the first time.

This means having someone on a dedicated line to answer calls is important, but another equally valuable lesson is to use call tracking to lock onto potential clients and keep them monitored whenever they visit the website. Call tracking generally works in one of two ways: Either a phone number will be created that goes directly to the office line in your place of business, or else there are a handful of phone numbers that are tracked based on which ad campaign each line represents. In other words, when you have five phone numbers and each number is linked to a certain advertisement, you can track which ads are the most successful. Additionally, with generated phone numbers, a company can track individuals. Whenever they click on your website, you will know about it, and you will also be aware of where they spent time looking around for information, which links they clicked on, and how long they spent on each screen. A tremendous amount of information can come from this. You will know exactly when they called and what page they were looking at at the moment of making the call decision.

Cummins also points out the other features that premium call tracking software provides, such as call scheduling, which allows companies to say exactly what number will link to which phone line and when this will happen. This means that if a company closes for the day, all the phone numbers will go to employee cell phones – for a small business that could be your own cell phone. Other features of good software are missed-call alerts, letting you know who called and when giving you the chance to call him or her again and leave a message or speak to that person. It goes a long way to let someone know you care about his or her business.

Email marketing
The second major point at which affordable online marketing software becomes critical is when customers submit their emails to the website. This means they are beginning what ought to be considered a conversation. The age of sending out email blasts is over. What people want now are short, informative articles with explanations of what your product offers, along with an easy-to-read format, so people who are short on time can find out exactly the key points, as well as read up on certain features in more detail if they choose.

Aspects to consider with email marketing include providing an organic email, according to Forbes. This means giving each client a different email based on what he or she looked at during his or her stay at your website. Excellent marketing software makes it easy to customize emails by paragraph so that certain paragraphs trigger when particular links are clicked. The end result is more like a newsletter than something like junk mail, which makes a huge difference in how the customer perceives what you are offering. If you can make your newsletter as interesting and informative as a story they might choose to read from a website, then you are essentially doing content marketing in a more direct way, sending your advertisement to the people who want to see it and are possible clients with an interest in your niche industry.

Going along with conversations, remember that marketing software can customize not only what it sends inside the email, but also change the emails that it sends depending on what links are clicked on within the email. This means that if a client likes a certain product and clicks to see more, he or she will receive a second email later that is directly targeting that product in particular.

Final advice
The final point of advice is that advertising is difficult and takes time. In the end, most people will click on a website and then ignore it, Forbes reported. Not every email will lead to a sale, and not every phone call will result in closing on a major deal. The point is to have the network in place to capture clients exactly when they arrive. Think of it as a field of lightning rods. Most of the time, there won’t be lightning, but when your rods are in place, the bolt will be caught when it comes.