Reschedule a meeting with a text message

Missed meetings happen. Prior meetings go too long, time zones mess up meeting times, traffic gets insane, and some clients still don’t use a calendar service. But, given that this is 2019, why not shoot your client a quick text asking to reschedule?

ActiveDEMAND now offers the ability to text clients and prospects individually from the dialer in our Chrome extension. So if you’ve called your prospect twice at the scheduled meeting time and they didn’t pick up, you can now shoot them a quick text and move on with your next call.

We recommend sending your appointment scheduling link in the text so you can skip playing phone tag JUST to get another meeting. Since links through the SMS tool are auto-tagged, the link also serves the purpose of identifying the user’s cell phone so you can track when the prospect is on your website and coincidentally call them when they finally have time!