So Many Leads, So Few Good Ones in Senior Living (And What to Do about It)

exploreYou may find your team sifting through countless leads, relentlessly trying to identify which truly matters. This guessing game often wastes precious time, energy, and resources. So how do you get it all back? Automation effectively addresses these issues by streamlining processes. Let’s explore how…

In a multi-location senior living organization with various marketing channels, campaigns, and strategies in place, the constant influx of leads can often feel overwhelming for the team. In a perfect world, the team can quickly and easily see who is engaged in marketing communications, who is in sales conversations at what stage, and who is ready to sign and move in at any given time. Yet even organizations like yours, with robust marketing automation software in place, struggle to streamline those processes.

Here is a 5-point roadmap for doing just that:

    1. Keep marketing campaigns sharp. Use your automation software system’s campaign comparison reports and email comparison reports to see who is reading what of your content marketing and promotional campaigns. Also, conversion attribution reports can offer a high-level view of what marketing performs best for generating high-quality leads. When adding content to the company blog, be sure to use your automation software’s dynamic call-to-action feature to meet families exactly where they are on their journey to your door. The marketing department can refine and reproduce high-performing campaigns to generate a higher volume of quality leads for the sales team. Engage your automation company to train your marketers to regularly report to your sales team the contact information for avid readers. This keeps the pipeline fresh.
    2. Use automated lead scoring. In many automation software systems, you can assign points to leads based roadmapon interactions with your marketing materials and website. This allows you to track lead engagement and behavior to prioritize leads showing genuine interest and engagement, helping your team identify those proverbial needles in the haystack.
    3. Keep sales moving. Train the sales team to track all deals in the automation software dashboard according to where they are in the funnel: new lead, in conversation, taken a tour, has an agreement in hand, signed. This gives your sales team a daily snapshot of the right actions to take to effectively move each lead individually from considering your community to moving in.
    4. Keep calls high-quality. If available, make use of your automation software’s call tracking and phone call rollup reports to ensure quality assurance on all calls and that your sales team is building warm relationships that translate to increased occupancy levels. A good lead needs a good experience right from the start to convert to a move-in down the road.
    5. Rinse and repeat. Over time and with the right support from your marketing automation software company, your organization can build out a robust suite of campaigns, sales processes, and marketing analytics that will help you simplify marketing, and more importantly, reach long-term and short-term goals. The system becomes one of the organization’s strongest assets in the way of everyday efficiency and future standardization of marketing and sales efforts across all locations as you grow, scale, or even just add staff.

Now Optimize with Marketing Automation

The worst-case scenario for any organization is investing time and resources into leads that are not likely to convert. Marketing automation provides you with the necessary visibility into each lead’s engagement level and their position in the marketing sales funnel. By analyzing lead behavior, your team can readily determine which leads are warm and ready for further nurturing or sales outreach, and which leads have gone cold and might not be worth further pursuit. This valuable insight enables your team to allocate their efforts more efficiently, concentrating on leads that are most likely to convert and maximizing your return on investment.

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