Small businesses can use marketing automation to follow up on leads

SBM: Follow up on leads with marketing automation

Small companies may need to work harder to turn leads into sales compared to their larger counterparts. But unless small organizations have a system to manage leads, they can lose business.

There are many benefits small businesses can gain from improving Internet lead generation, such as more sales, increased revenue, and company growth. These initiatives can be supported with online marketing methods, but 55 percent of small-business owners are not following up on leads, according to Time magazine. Small businesses could instantly lose customers if they fail to follow up on leads.

Why small businesses should use marketing automation to manage leads

Consumers search for business information for a variety of reasons. They may be interested in a product or service, a price quote, or scheduling an appointment. Unless a local business has a modern website, company calls could go to voicemail or answering service that will not have the information prospects are seeking, an article in Small Business Computing stated. Owners need a way to follow up with potential clients as quickly as possible to prevent them from finding another company. In fact, up to 50 percent of consumers purchase from the business that responds the fastest, according to the article.

Despite this consumer tendency, 75 percent of business leads never hear from the company they contacted, the article noted. Owners can maximize online lead generation by relying on marketing automation to help them follow up with prospects. An online marketing system allows small-business owners to track their last contact with leads and follow up at the appropriate time. Most leads are not ready to purchase right away, so managers need to spend time developing the lead before turning it into a sale.

Better managing leads and contacting prospects at the right time can help small businesses increase their client bases and grow revenue.