Using Slack with ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND now offers native Slack integration. The popular instant messaging platform is quickly becoming the defacto standard in marketing agencies and inside other forward-looking businesses. Now with native integration, you can improve communications with your internal teams. Slack has some advantages over using email for some types of alerts and communications.

  • Channels are better organized and centralized compared with email filters.
  • Channels can be public or private and can have a group, so it’s easier to show individuals taking action on a Slack vs email.

The integration comes with the option to fire Slack messages from:

1. Inside Campaign Calendars

Adding a quick Slack message to your campaigns is a great way of notifying your internal marketing team, management, or other stakeholders of important campaign steps. Let everyone know that the big email is going out, that a critical campaign tweet is going out that day, or to mark the start or end of a big omnichannel campaign. Simply drag and drop the Slack icon to the Calendar day you want, pick a time and message, and as long as the campaign is active, your Slack message will go out to the channel of your choosing at that time.

2. Inside Workflows as a Workflow Action

ActiveDEMAND workflows are super configurable and you can now fire Slack messages from within them. Here, the possibilities are endless:

  • Notify sales of leads
  • Notify the correct project team of a closed sale
  • Debug a complicated or low-volume workflow: add a slack step so that you can be sure it’s doing what you wanted it to do

Slack workflow action